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Article: How To Protect Baby's Skin? - Baby Skin Care

How To Protect Baby's Skin? - Baby Skin Care

How To Protect Baby's Skin? - Baby Skin Care

  Most mothers have found that babies or newborns are easier to have different kinds of skin problems, like drying, peeling, getting eczema, rashes, and allergies, etc. Because babies’ skins are more sensitive and delicate than adults’, they need more careful care. There are many ways can protect a baby’s skin, like choose the best diapers for sensitive skin, wash the baby’s face and body properly, etc. Today’s article will introduce some baby skincare tips in detail as below:

1. Choose High-Quality Baby Diapers

  When deciding what baby diapers to buy, more and more parents are looking into sustainability and quality. The baby diapers that parents choose will have a direct impact on their babies’ skin, so it is important to choose high-quality diapers for sensitive skin.

  Besides, parents need to check their babies’ diapers regularly. Parents need to change diapers in time when the diapers are dirty or wet. Or babies will constantly suffer from nappy rash. After taking off the dirty diapers, don’t forget to clean and dry the diaper area skin. Then put on a new one.

2. Pay Attention To UV Protection

  Why do babies need UV protection? There are two main reasons. On the one hand, the sun's ultraviolet rays are easier to cause skin burning, especially for sensitive skin. On the other hand, when skin temperature is getting higher, it will be easier to make babies more prone to sweating. Babies love sweating where it is easy to grow prickly heat, like the neck, forehead, armpit.

  Parents are better not going out with babies when the UV rays are the most intense. It can also reduce the risk of sun exposure. Or mothers need to put baby sunscreen on their babies’ skin to avoid getting sunburnt before going out in the hot sun.

3. Baby Clothes Selection

  Fabric selection will directly affect the quality of baby clothes. Use environmental protection fabrics without harm to the skin is necessary.

  Kaiya Baby insists on high standards of raw materials. All the baby clothes are made with all-natural fabric without any chemicals, like 100% cotton, Pima cotton, bamboo fiber, etc.

1) Sleeveless Snap One Piece Girl And Boy - Bamboo Fiber

  The typical features of bamboo fiber are high hygroscopicity, good permeability. It is a green, environmental, natural fabric. It is also safe, and not irritative to babies’ delicate skin.

2) Front Opening Zip Up Swaddle 1.0 TOG - 100% Cotton/Pima Cotton

  There are four different colors of this swaddle: lilac, whisper green, shell, cameo pink. Swaddles in lilac, whisper green, shell are made of 100% cotton. Swaddles in cameo pink are made of Pima cotton. Below will briefly introduce the characteristics of these two fabrics:

  100% cotton is pure without anything bad mixed. For babies, it is a soft, warm, comfortable fabric without static electricity.

  Pima cotton is a kind of "Cotton Noble". It is also named ELS(extra-long staple) cotton, which has excellent durability, softness, color.

4. Prevent Babies Scratching Themselves

   As babies grow bigger, their nails are also growing. There is a risk of scratching babies’ faces  when they are flailing their arms. In order to avoid this, parents can do two things basically. One way is to trim up babies’ nails regularly. The other way is to buy a baby mitten. Kaiya Baby No Scratch Mittens are flexible. One size can fit all aged babies from newborn to 24 months. These mittens can protect both face and hands of babies. Babies will always feel comfortable, soft after wearing them.  

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