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Article: What Does A Newborn Baby Need? - Advice For New Parents

What Does A Newborn Baby Need? - Advice For New Parents

What Does A Newborn Baby Need? - Advice For New Parents

  Most new parents will think about what things need to do, what things need to buy before a baby arrives ahead of time. It will avoid hurry-scurry after the birth of the baby. Some parents who are first-time parents may need some suggestions. As it is parents’ responsibility to take care of their newborns. Usually, they need to prepare all the things that they might need, or their babies might need.

1. Baby Feeding Needs

  No matter what kind of baby is feeding, a baby bottle is necessary for a family. After having a baby bottle, not only mothers can feed babies, dads also can help. While people are buying a baby bottle, they will consider three main factors:

1.1 Safety

  For baby use, safety should always be the priority. Parents need to check if the products they decide to buy are safe and will not affect the health of their babies. Parents also need to feed their babies slowly, gently, and be patient. On the other hand, a good baby bottle also can help improve babies’ eating experience.

1.2 Easy To Clean

  Parents need to wash the baby bottles out and sterilize them properly every day. So, the design of a baby bottle needs to be easy and convenient to clean and maintain. A practical baby product can bring convenience for new parents.

1.3 Reasonably Price

  While buying a new thing, the price also is one of many crucial factors to consider. High cost-effective products are always more popular.

2. Baby Wearing Needs

  For convenience, babies usually wear rompers at home. Kaiya Baby rompers have a wide range of sizes, all aged babies from newborn to 18 months can wear them.

2.1 Sleeveless Snap One Piece Girl And Boy

  These rompers are made of a breathable, environmental fabric - bamboo fiber. Bamboo fiber is a kind of green fiber that is made through the physical method without chemicals. Choosing healthy fabric can avoid irritating babies’ delicate, sensitive skin. They can feel more comfortable, soft, cozy after wearing these rompers.

  The sleeveless design also offers more freedom for babies to exercise their arms more freely.

2.2 Long Sleeves Snap Romper

  Different from the above sleeveless rompers, these snap rompers are long sleeves. Although the rompers are long sleeves, they are also loose and comfortable. Snaps on the bottom are easy to take on and off. Parents will be easy to change diapers for their babies.

3. Baby Sleeping Needs

  The representative products that baby sleeping needs are sleeping bags.

3.1 Front Opening Zip Up Swaddle 0.5 TOG

  These sleeping bags are for smaller babies from newborn to 6 months. The ergonomic fully closed one-piece design creates babies a safe, comfortable sleeping environment to sleep better. These sleep sacks with anti-startle reactions also can offer both babies and parents for longer, restful sleep.

  The neat two-way zippers work very well. Parents can be more convenient to take it on and off.

3.2 Front Opening Long Sleeve Sleep Sack

 Compared to the above sleeping bags, these long sleeves bags are more suitable for older babies and toddlers from 3 months to 24 months. The hemline and long sleeves both are removable. Older babies’ feet can peek out from the sleeping bags. They can crawl or walk freely with these sleeping bags.

  These two sleeping bags both are made of 100% cotton. For baby use, 100% cotton is an ideal fabric without static electricity that is super soft, super cozy. Babies can get a longer, more restful sleep after wearing them.

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