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Article: Is it good for a baby sharing a bed with mom?

Is it good for a baby sharing a bed with mom?

Is it good for a baby sharing a bed with mom?

  Nowadays, many parents are considering the problem of babies sleeping at night. Is it good for a baby to share a bed with mom? What sleeping tips a mother should pay attention to? Should the baby bed be attached to the parents bed? This article will try to discuss these problems and look for ways to solve them.

1. Is it good for a baby sharinga bed with mom?

  Think of the problem from two perspectives: advantages and disadvantages.

1.1 Advantages

1) Sharing a bed is more convenient for mothers to do night feedings at night.

2) In the early days, babies slept with mothers can get better warm-keeping, and better protection.

1.2 Disadvantages

1) Mothers sleeping together with babies may risk their babies’ lives. Because mothers may roll over unconsciously at night. And it has a potential risk that they may compress and smother their babies. It is dangerous.

2) Sleeping with babies also will cause tossing and turning, prolonged emotional stress while at sleep for mothers. Because they are worried about if they will harm their babies. Mothers also need a night of good, restful sleep to get some rest. Overworking can age mothers easily.

3) Increase the risk of SIDS. Babies who die of SIDS(sudden infant death syndrome), because they may have a risky sleep position while sharing beds.   

2. Sleeping tips for newborn babies

  Sleeping is an important thing for both parents and babies. People should pay more attention to it. Mothers all want their babies to have a safe sleep on the bed. They should get some useful sleeping tips.

2.1 babies’ bed attached to parents’ bed

  Compared to sleeping together, babies sleep on their own beds next to parents’ beds is a safer choice. On the one hand, babies and parents are still in the same room. It is easy and convenient for parents to take care of babies. On the other hand, they are sleeping in different beds, parents don’t need to worry about hurting babies.

2.2 choosing a good sleeping bag

  For a night of better sleep, a high-quality sleeping bag is necessary.

1) Wrap-Around Zip Personalized Swaddle 1.0 TOG

  This swaddle is a special recommendation for smaller babies from newborn to 6 months. The biggest selling point is the wrap-around design. This design can create a similar uterine environment for babies to feel secure and safe. For a baby, he/she is in a strange world. Comfort and reassurance are important for them.

  At the same time, parents don’t need to worry that this swaddle is too closed. Because it is made of bamboo fiber. Bamboo fiber is a kind of environmental fabric that is super breathable, super cool. It is soft, comfortable for baby wear at night. In this way, babies can have a better sleep at night easily.

2) Long Sleeve Split-Leg Hands Up Swaddle

  After finishing talking about a wrap-around swaddle for smaller babies. Next, it is a long sleeve swaddle for older babies or toddlers. Split-leg design is for toddlers can learn how to crawl and walk easier. The bottom of the crotch is three-dimensional which creates more space for the baby to move, and get more comfort while wearing a diaper.

3) Front Opening Long Sleeve Sleep Sack

  The biggest attractive point of this sleeping sack is its sleeves and bottom are removable. No matter what babies like long sleeves or sleeveless, this sleeping bag can satisfy all needs.

  These three kinds of swaddles both have two-way zippers that can help parents take on and off more conveniently. Besides, there is a tab on every non-metal concealed zipper that can protect the baby's chin and neck from being scratched.

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