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Article: How To Dress A Newborn For Sleep? - All About TOG

How To Dress A Newborn For Sleep? - All About TOG

How To Dress A Newborn For Sleep? - All About TOG

  How to make babies stay warm and have a good sleep is always a worthy question to explore. It is a good way for a baby can have better growth and development if he/she gets a good sleep. For most parents, a sleeping bag is a basic necessity of baby sleep. If a mother wants to choose an appropriate thickness sleeping bag for her baby, she needs to consider the TOG rating. Today’s article will introduce how to dress a newborn for sleep from the perspective of TOG.

1. What Is TOG?

  TOG is the abbreviation for “thermal overall grade”. The TOG rate is one of the most important factors of warmth. It is also an essential factor that parents need to consider when they buy baby sleeping bags.

2. TOG Rating Of Sleeping Bags

  There are three TOG ratings in Kaiya Baby now: 1.0/2.5/3.5. The company strictly enforces standards of production. And all sleeping bags are true to the TOG rating. Customers can get the exact products that they want and need.

2.1 1.0 TOG

  This is the smallest TOG rating in Kaiya Baby. It is suitable for a warmer environment that the baby can sleep without many clothes.

2.2 2.5 TOG

  If the baby is staying or sleeping in a cool environment. A 2.5 TOG rating may be a better choice to help babies to get a more comfortable feeling.

2.3 3.5 TOG

  This TOG rating is suited for a cold environment. Babies need better warm-keeping. Because babies are easier to catch a cold, the warmth of a sleeping bag is important. Especially in cold weather, parents need to get to keep their babies warm.

3. Typical Sleeping Bags In Different TOG Recommendations


  Besides having a suitable TOG rating, the biggest selling point of this one-piece sleeping bag is the 3in1 wearing method. It has a removable vest. The vest can wrap around the baby’s upper body or the waist. Parents also can choose not to use the vest. This sleeping bag can be sleeveless after removing the vest.

  The sleeping positions have a huge impact on babies’ development. Parents can try different sleeping positions for babies and find a comfortable one.  This 3in1 sleeping bag has three different wearing methods for different sleeping positions.

1) ARMS IN: can help avoid startle responses, prevent babies from scratching themselves.

2) ARMS OUT: create more freedom for babies to exercise their arms.

3) ARMS UP: help reduce the risk of rolling over.


  This zip sleeping bag has used the shell print. The shell-printed fabric is one of the most important features of Kaiya Baby clothes. Shells symbolize durability and nature. These sleeping bags are made of natural 100% cotton fabric which is soft, cozy, comfortable, environmentally without static electricity.

  There is a zipper for the bottom of the sleeping bag. Babies’ feet can peek out from the end of the sleeping bag. This design is convenient for older babies or toddlers to exercise crawling and walking.

  Long sleeves design is also for better warm-keeping.


  This sleeveless thicken sleeping bag is similar to the zip sleeping bag. The bottom of the sleeping bag also can be zipped open.  

  Sleeveless thicken sleeping bags have three different colors: whisper green, shell, cameo pink. Sleeping bags in whisper green and shell are made of 100% cotton. Sleeping bags in cameo pink are made of Pima cotton that has excellent durability, softness, color. It is known as “Cotton Noble”. A great fabric choice that every mother can not miss.

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