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Article: how to avoid diaper rash for babies' sensitive skin

how to avoid diaper rash for babies' sensitive skin

how to avoid diaper rash for babies' sensitive skin

  Most babies are easy to get diaper rash. Many parents are worried about this all the time. Why are babies easily get diaper rash? How to avoid it? Next, this article will talk about all information about diaper rash. Please kindly read on.

1. Why is the baby always having diaper rash?

1.1 take antibiotics

  If the baby is taking antibiotics, then he/she will have a higher incidence of diaper rash. Because antibiotics will tend to cause fewer gastrointestinal problems, including dermatitis and diarrhea.

1.2 unsuitable diapers

1) poor-quality diapers

  Different from adults, babies’ skin is more sensitive, delicate. Poor-quality diapers are easier to cause skin irritation, and also are bad for babies’ health.

2) too tight diapers

  Wearing diapers too tightly can be easier to cause diaper rashes. Because if diapers do not breathe freely, it will cause various skin diseases.

3) not replaced diapers in time

  The diapers need to be changed regularly. It can help prevent diaper rash.

2. How to avoid diaper rashes?

2.1 choose suitable, high-quality diapers

  Product quality is always an important element of a product. Especially for the diapers that are next to the skin, they are easily lead to rough skin, causing skin allergies, diaper rash. So when parents are buying diapers. It is suggested to choose green, eco-friendly diapers without chemicals.

2.2 change diapers in time, regularly

  If diapers are wet or soiled, parents need to change them in time. How to know diapers are wet? Usually, babies will cry when their diapers are wet. Because they feel uncomfortable. At this time, parents will know that it is time to change a new diaper.

2.3 don’t wear too tightly

  Do not wear the diapers too tightly. On the one hand, being too tight will cause uncomfortable. On the other hand, too tight also can be easier to cause diaper rash. Wear it a little loose will help babies to get a better wearing experience.

2.4 use some diaper rash ointment

  Use some diaper rash ointment also can help with diaper rash, relieve irritation. And use gentle water to clean and soothe the baby’s ass.

3. Breathable baby clothes recommendations

  Based on breathability and comfort, parents are suggested to buy baby clothes that are made of bamboo fiber. Bamboo fiber is a new kind of fabric that is very hygroscopic and breathable.


  There are three different colors of this short-sleeve sleeping sack. Two solid colors: aster purple and gray morn, and one shell pattern. Sleeping sacks in aster purple and gray morn are made of bamboo fiber. Sleeping sacks in shell are made of 100% cotton. These two fabrics both have high breathability. Babies can wear them comfortably.

  The bottom of the crotch is three-dimensional, it gives more space for a baby to move freely, and feel more comfortable while wearing a diaper. Snaps on the bottom are also designed for changing diapers much more conveniently.


  The biggest selling point of this romper is legs-free and sleeveless. On one hand, it is designed for cooler on hot summer days. On the other hand, babies can move freer without bondage. Three snaps in the middle of the bottom are also designed for more convenience. It makes the bottom be opened and closed easily. Parents can change a diaper in a very short time.


  Newborns often cry. It is usually rooted in insecurity. They are afraid of the new, unfamiliar environment. A wrap-around swaddle can simulate the uterine environment for them to have a sense of security.

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