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Article: how to keep a baby safe at home?

how to keep a baby safe at home?

how to keep a baby safe at home?

  Some parents think that keeping their babies stay at home can avoid risks. Because babies are too small to protect themselves. It is a dangerous world out there for babies. Staying at home also is a potentially dangerous activity, and that injuries may result. So how to keep babies safe at home? Below will give some suggestions for references.

1. put the crib near the parentsbed

  Babies and parents should not sleep in the same bed together. On one hand, parents may roll over and smother their babies. And it also will increase the risk of SIDS. On the other hand, parents who sleep in the same room with their babies, always have poorer sleep quality. 

  A baby corner crib that attaches to the parents’ bed is necessary. Parents can react rapidly if anything happens to the baby. They also can get their babies’ conditions all the time that can make both babies and parents feel more secure. 

2. have a safe crib

  Why the crib is safe for a baby? Because it has bars. Bars directly play a role in protecting babies from falling down. Parents can put their babies in cribs with an easy mind. Indeed, one of the safest places for a baby to sleep is in a safe crib. It is an essential item for every new mother.

3. a smoke-free environment

Some parents may have a bad habit, someone likes smoking very much. High concentrations of chemicals are found in secondhand smoke. At the same time, babies are most likely to breathe secondhand smoke at home. It is important to create a smoke-free environment for babies. Only 100% smoke-free environments provide effective protection. Babies can grow up healthy.

4. set a right room temperature

  What’s more, parents also need to pay more attention to the indoor temperature, try to not make babies feel cold or hot. Too hot or too cold both are not good for babies, the room temperature needs to be just right. Parents can adjust the room temperature by adjusting the air-conditioning. Don't set the air conditioner too cool in summer or too warm in winter. Adjusting to a comfortable temperature for babies to have a better sleep.

5. dress babies in fit clothes

  Choosing fit clothes for babies. Too loose or too tight both can make them feel uncomfortable. Besides, if the clothes are too tight, it may also leave some red skin marks on babies’ bodies. Babies can have a better sleep or movement while wearing a fit, comfortable baby cloth.

6. put babies to sleep on the back

  Sleep on the back can keep natural physiological conditions, and make babies feel comfortable. Besides, it also can cut the incidence of SIDS.

7. make babies lie away from the direct sunlight

  If parents put their babies under direct sunlight. The sun's ultraviolet rays are easier to cause tanning or burning. Compared to adults, babies’ skins are more sensitive and delicate. They are more likely to get sunburns. Parents need to make babies lie away from the direct sunlight for protection.

8. sleep with suitable sleeping bags

  Next, the article will introduce a classic sleeping bag.  


  This is a regular, classic type of sleeping bag. Mothers can always choose it when they don’t know which one to buy. Classic never goes wrong. This product has all the basic features of sleeping bags. Split-leg design for freer movement. Long sleeves, long legs for better warm-keeping. Front opening design, two-way zippers, snaps on the bottom for easier take on and off. Parents also can change diapers for their babies more conveniently. Two colors: khaki and shell are also unisex that is perfect for both baby girls and baby boys.

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