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Article: Newborn items don't actually need to buy

Newborn items don't actually need to buy

Newborn items don't actually need to buy

  As it is known to all that a baby needs so many necessary things after birth. Like nappies, sanitary towels, baby milk, pacifiers, etc. Many articles also have introduced this topic. But today this article will talk about something different - the newborn items that don’t actually need to buy.

  There is a kind of consumption called impulse shopping. Impulse buying is more common in online shopping. People usually will buy something that they don’t actually need. On the one hand, it does waste money. On the other hand, it also will cause unnecessary waste that does not conform with sustainable development.

  Mothers should learn to buy what they actually need, and know what kind of things are unnecessary. Below are some advice for new parents.

1. too many baby clothes

  A baby grows up very quickly. So parents don’t need to buy too many baby clothes. But they should buy all types of baby clothes that a baby needs. Including two sleeping bags for summer and winter, one romper, some accessories. Kaiya Baby baby clothes store contains all of these types. The next content will recommend some products for references:

1.1 sleeping bags


  This sleeping bag is 1.0 TOG which is suitable for summer wear. And its sleeves can be removed. Parents can change it from a long-sleeves sleeping bag to a sleeveless sleeping bag. Babies can get a cooler feeling on hot summer days. What’s more, its bottom also can be opened. When a baby is small, he/she can kick legs freely in this sleeping bag. As a baby grows, he/she can peek out the feet from the bottom, and start to learn to stand, walking.


  After introducing a sleeping bag in 1.0 TOG. Next, it is a heated, winter sleeping bag in 2.5 TOG which is more suitable for cold winter days. The bottom of the sleeping bag also leaves plenty of room for kicking. Babies can move freer. It is also good for a baby’s development and growth.

  The distinctive, exclusive shell pattern is designed by a talented designer from Kaiya Baby. It makes a baby look cuter after wearing it.

1.2 rompers


  The recommendation of the romper is the top-selling one in Kaiya Baby. This romper is made of 95% cotton and 5% spandex. So it is soft, stretchy. Babies wear them comfortably. 

1.3 accessories

  Buying some typical accessories is important. Although sleeping bags and rompers can offer a baby a warm feeling. But babies’ heads, hands, feet also need to be warmed. At this time, they need hats, mittens, bibs, etc. Bibs are used to keep their clothes clean.

2. too many toys

  Too many toys are easy to cause hidden trouble to safety. Some very small toys even can choke a baby. On the other hand, there is no room for too many toys. If parents want to buy toys for babies. It is enough to buy one or two toys.

3. baby grooming products

  Early adoption of grooming products has a risk. Different from adults. Babies’ skins are particularly sensitive and delicate. Using grooming products frequently will cause harm. The less protective skin of a baby is more likely to have contact allergy problems. Parents should use less or do not use baby grooming products on their babies.

4. soothing baby chairs

  In recent years, there are much advertising informed consumers about the existence and benefits of soothing baby chairs. These advertisements do arouse consumers' curiosity. And some mothers were persuaded to buy the baby chairs. That is why many people condemn advertisements as the root of over-consumption. So it is necessary to buy a soothing baby chair? It is not a necessary thing. There are many other ways to help soothe a baby. For example, practicing how to hold the baby. It is a useful way to soothe a baby.

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