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Article: How to calm the babies in five ways - new mothers must learn

How to calm the babies in five ways - new mothers must learn

How to calm the babies in five ways - new mothers must learn

  As it is known to all, every baby needs to stay in a womb for almost 40 weeks. It is a dark but quiet, warm environment. Every baby can get a sense of security in it. After birth, they came to a totally brand new world that they are not familiar with. A kind of loud, bright, strange world that will cause a newborn to feel insecure. When a baby doesn’t feel safe, he/she may yell, cry, and can not calm down.

Parents need to create a familiar and memorable “womb” environment to give their babies a sense of ascription and safety. In this way, babies also can get a relaxed, supportive atmosphere of psychological safety. A comfort zone can keep a baby safe and tend to create better personal growth.

There are many ways can help calm baby, including choose some bright colors of clothes for babies and toddlers, buy a warm sleeping bag for winter.

1. gentle touch

  This part can be divided into two aspects: before birth and after birth.

1.1 before birth

  Although babies are still in the womb during this period, they also can feel their mothers’ touch. Mothers can try to massage their bellies or stroke their stomachs regularly. Babies will feel these touches and remember these feelings.

1.2 after birth

  After birth, there are many opportunities for parents to be close to their babies skin to skin. Babies also will get a familiar, warm feeling during the contact. Additionally, every parent needs to master the correct method of holding or cuddling the baby. Babies can hear their parents’ heartbeat that can make them feel almost like being in the womb while they are embracing each other. It is a very soothing effect on them to stop crying.

1.3 baby clothes recommendations

  The baby clothes for baby wear also need to be gentle, cozy, soft, comfortable. On the one hand, a baby’s skin is more sensitive. On the other hand, a gentle feeling can help them feel more comfortable, calm, relaxed, and peaceful. All baby clothes in Kaiya Baby are made of high-quality, healthy, eco-friendly fabrics. Including 100% cotton, Pima cotton, bamboo fiber, etc.

  Below are three typical sleeping bags recommendations:




2. reasonable feed

  Babies are surrounded with amniotic fluid when they are in the womb. They will have a taste of amniotic fluid. And what mom eats will directly affect the flavors of the amniotic fluid and breast milk. The food that a mother eats nourishes both her and her baby. Eating foods that babies know and like also can offer them a safe feeling. They will feel that they are still in a safe, familiar place. Their emotions also can be calmed down.

  Someone may ask what to do if they don’t have breast milk. That is a good question. Some pediatricians already did a study on it. Parents can give the baby a sweet pacifier. Having a taste of some sweet things can help boost a baby’s mood. It also can help relax babies.

3. white noise

  Babies can hear many sounds when they are in the womb. Like the sounds from their mothers’ bodies, the sounds from the outside world, etc. If parents have talked a lot with their babies before birth. Then their babies will be familiar with their voices. It is reassuring for babies to hear a familiar voice as if they were still in the womb. But on the other hand, not every sound is allowed. Parents need to keep the volume low. The sudden, big noise will scar the baby. Parents can play some light music to help babies to sleep soundly.

4. familiar smell

  A familiar smell also can help a lot in soothing a baby. Some researches show that newborns can recognize their mothers by their odor within only a few hours after birth. The body odor of a mother is one of the most familiar things for a baby when he/she is in the womb.

  After birth, making babies have a familiar smell can help them breathe better, and calm down.

5. bright color

  Babies’ eyes are closed during the first six months of pregnancy. A mother’s womb is also a dark environment. After birth, parents can prepare some interesting patterns in bright colors, like yellow, red, etc that can catch a newborn’s attention easier, and calm him/her down.

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