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Article: Basic care skills that a mother needs to master in the first month

Basic care skills that a mother needs to master in the first month

Basic care skills that a mother needs to master in the first month

  Looking after bringing up a baby is really tiring, and it is not an easy thing. Mastering the caring skill of how to take care of babies not only can help a baby to have better development and growth but also can help relax new parents. Newborn tips and tricks can bring double effects for both babies and mothers.

1. swaddle a baby

  For newborns, it is vital to offer them a sense of security. Before birth, the mother’s womb can always keep a baby safe. After birth, babies are easier to feel insecure because they left security, known, familiar environment. The whole experience is totally foreign to them, facing a new environment. At this time, parents need to help them. There are two ways that all new parents can consider:

1.1 Choosing some good sleep sacks

  What kinds of sleeping bags are suitable for newborns? Basically, these sleeping bags need to be kind of womb-like and cozy. Below will recommend three good-quality sleeping bags that are suitable for little babies from newborns to six months for references:

  From the appearance, people can find that the feature of this zip-up sleeping bag is the ergonomic waist design. Ergonomic has an anti-startle reaction. Waist design offers babies more sense of security. Two-way zippers can help mothers change baby clothes and diapers more conveniently and easier. Every zipper has a zipper guard to help protect the baby’s sensitive skin. Besides, it also can help prevent babies from chewing on the zipper pull.

  About the color selection, the designers chose some light, nearly neutral colors that are suitable for all babies, including baby girls and baby boys. There are four available colors of these sleeping bags now: cameo pink, lilac, whisper green, and shell. No matter pure colors or shell patterns, all are good for wearing.

front open sleep sack

  This bamboo newborn sleep sack is similar to the above one. The biggest difference is that we have updated the fabric. This one is made of bamboo fiber that has some outstanding characteristics.


  The surface of bamboo fiber is as smooth as bamboo. And it is also comfortable to wear and durable. Babies are suitable to wear this sleep sack that is easy to take care of.

high moisture absorption capacity:

  There are many pores on the cross-section of the original bamboo fiber. It is good for absorbing and evaporating the external moisture. This structure also determines that the bamboo fiber fabric has a strong moisture absorption performance that is two to three times that of cotton fiber. The excellent breathability and moisture absorption make a bamboo fiber sleep sack to be comfortable. Babies can wear it in spring and summer. 


  Bamboo fiber also is antibacterial. Bacteria that are on the sleep sack generally die within a day.


  At the same time, this environmentally friendly fabric also can protect your baby from ultraviolet rays. It is 100% natural that is friendly to both humans and the environment.

  We have launched a new updated version this summer. The new attracting point of this organic sleep sack is the mesh cotton. It is designed for babies to let the heat out. Because we all know that babies are easier to sweat and overheat in summer. Oversweat can cause rashes that will make your babies feel uncomfortable during sleep. The mesh cotton design can help parents to solve this problem. It makes the sleep sack more breathable and more comfortable.

Organic Newborn Sleep Sacks With Mesh Cotton

  This is also a bamboo fiber sleep sack, and it is sleeveless. For newborns to wear, I suggest you should buy it with an accessory: a baby bamboo swaddle wrap band. Why does the newborn need a swaddle wrap band?

bamboo sleep sack

easy to wrap: 

  It is designed with a friendly Velcro that is safe and easy to use. Parents can have it to wrap their babies more conveniently at any time.

soothe newborns

  The biggest function of this swaddle wrap band is to help you to calm and soothe fussy babies in no time. Raising and taking care of a newborn always makes parents exhausted. They need an accessory like this swaddle wrap to help them to have some time to relax.

1.2 Learning how to swaddle a baby

  Swaddle the newborn baby so that she feels secure. So how to swaddle? Actually, it is not difficult. Only three steps can achieve.

  • spread a blanketflat out on the bed. 
  • put the baby on the blanket.
  • wrap the babyin the blanket.

  For more details, please kindly check the below link:

How to swaddle a baby?

2. change diapers

  Diaper changing is an everyday job for every mother. Changing diapers in time to keep babies’ asses clean is very important. Babies’ skins are very delicate, sensitive, and easier to cause skin irritation. Parents need to pay more attention to help with diaper rash and relieve irritation to make their babies feel comfortable. Below are some precautions for changing the baby's diaper:

  • stock up

  Mothers should stock up on enough diapers at home.  

  • choose diapers with the suitable size

  On the one hand, the diaper needs to be fit. On the other hand, you also need to make sure that the diapers can leave some room for your baby. If the diapers are too tight, it will be uncomfortable for your baby. Sometimes it will even wear the skin.

  If the diaper is oversized, your baby's poop may be leaking out of the diaper

  • try to keep your baby safe when changing diapers

  Babies can easily roll off the diaper table or bed. Although most diaper tables are equipped with straps to hold the baby tight. Mothers still need to pay attention to it. If you change your baby's diaper on a bed or diaper table that is high off the ground, make sure you keep one hand on your baby and never leave your baby alone on the diaper table or bed.

3. pack a perfect diaper bag

  A fully functional diaper bag is good for carrying while going out. So learning how to pack a perfect diaper bag is a basic lesson that parents need to learn.

  A diaper bag is one of the indispensable items for mothers to go out with their babies. It is necessary to prepare items in advance in the diaper bag.

  • diapers and diaper pads
  • paper towels, wet wipes
  • no-rinse hand soap
  • sealable plastic bag
  • powdered milk and bibs
  • baby bottles
  • blankets
  • changeable clothes
  • soothing pacifiers
  • diaper cream

4. trim baby nails

  Most little babies like flailing arms. Sometimes, their nails may scratch their own faces. So it is necessary for every mother to learn to trim a baby’s nails.

  The fingers of a newborn baby are very small. But the nails grow fast. Parents usually need to trim them about twice a week. The process of trimming should be very careful to avoid harming your baby. The best time to trim your baby's nails should be just after a bath because your baby's nails will become softer and easier to trim after a bath.

5. feeding

  Babies can get plenty of food and nutrition only through the umbilical cord when they are in the mother's belly. After birth, babies need artificial feeding. Parents should do timely and quantitative feed.

  Breast milk is the best ideal food for babies. Breast milk contains the perfect nutrients that can promote infant growth and brain development. Breast milk contains antibodies that protect infants from infectious diseases. Breast milk is safer than formula. Breast milk is more economical than formula.

  If breastfeeding is not possible, you also can use infant formula to feed. It also has its own advantages. Formula feeding is more convenient. Parents can feed the baby anywhere, anytime.

6. soothe your babys colic

  Between two weeks to four months after birth, the baby is prone to have colic. New parents should master some tips about how to soothe a colicky baby.

7. vitamin D supplements

  The daily supplementation of vitamin D for newborn babies can reduce the excitability of their cerebral cortex during sleep. And it can effectively improve the quality of the baby's sleep. It is beneficial to prevent and reduce the startle reflex of your baby during sleep and promote brain and body development.

8. sleep with your baby in the same room but different bed

  Sharing the same room but a different bed with your baby can reduce the risk of SIDS. Below are its benefits of it:

  • Get the signs when your baby needs to be fed in time, and promote breastfeeding.
  • You can soothe them quickly when your baby cries.
  • You may produce more breast milk because you breastfeed your baby more often.
  • You also can be better rested and have more peace of mind.
  • You can monitor your baby's safety more efficiently.  

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