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Article: How to swaddle a baby?

How to swaddle a baby?

How to swaddle a baby?

  The swaddle is the first gift a baby receives after coming into the world. Most people don't know that the swaddle has emerged since ancient times and has a history of thousands of years. And they don't know sleep sack vs. swaddle. What to choose?

1. What is swaddling?

  What is swaddling? Swaddling refers to people using a wide belt or a quilt to wrap and carry a baby. Swaddling is an ancient way to help people to raise a baby. The swaddling culture is also common in the West. The Bible mentions that Jesus was also wrapped in swaddling clothes after birth.

  Nowadays, many experts also recommend parents swaddle their babies. Because they think swaddling is suitable for their babies’ development. Dr. Harvey Neil Karp is a famous American pediatrician. He says that swaddling is one of the best ways to soothe an infant.

2. Why does a baby need to be swaddled?

  Why does a baby need to be swaddled? Because it is believed that swaddling the baby can give the baby a sense of security and help improve his sleep quality.

  • help calm the baby

A good baby swaddle can create a simulated environment like mothers’ wombs. Every baby can get enough sense of security and warmth. The new world is unfamiliar and cold to newborns. They need some time to get used to the new environment during the first month of life.

  • anti-startle reflex

When babies are born, they have moro reflex, which can cause them to wake up in the middle of the night. Swaddling has the function of an anti-startle reflex that can help your baby to have a tighter sleep.

  • pain relief

  Some researchers have found that swaddling can help ease a baby's pain and help them recover more quickly.

  • helping preterm infants grow better

  Swaddling preterm infants can help develop their neuromuscular and motor system and help them to have greater self-control.

3. How to swaddle a baby?

  If you don’t know how to swaddle a newborn, please kindly check the below guide:

  Basically, you need to prepare a blanket.

Step 1 - Spread the blanket flat out on the bed. Choose one corner and fold it into a triangle. Place your baby on the blanket gently, slowly.

Step 2 - Place your baby's right arm next to his body and bend it slightly. Pull the right side of the blanket firmly across his chest, and tuck it under your baby’s body. 

Step 3 - Pull the bottom edge of the blanket to cover your baby’s feet.

Step 4 - Pull the left side of the blanket across the chest. And tuck it under your baby’s body.

Step 5 - Recheck if the swaddling is too tight or too loose, and adjust it in time.

swaddle a baby

  Parents need to get the proper technique of how to swaddle a baby. It can help minimize the potential risks of your baby’s sleep. Below are some notes:

  • Don’t swaddle your baby too tightly or too loosely. Swaddling too tightly may cause overheating. Your baby may feel hot and sweaty. Sweating a lot can make your baby have a cold. And it even may lead to respiratory infections. On the other hand, if the swaddle is loosened, it can cause a choking hazard.
  • Make sure that your baby's legs can be fully bent at the hip.
  • Try to keep your baby sleeping on his or her back when sleeping.
  • Stop swaddling your baby when he or she can turn over by himself or herself.
  • Don’t leave your baby alone in the crib. It is dangerous if there are some quilts, and soft toys around him.
  • Pay attention to your baby's body temperature. Be sure to adjust your baby's sleep sacks.
  • You’d better not sleep with your baby in the same bed. It is the safest to let your baby sleep alone in a baby crib.

    4. Sleep sacks recommendations in Kaiya Baby

      Are sleep sacks better than swaddles? Each has both advantages. Sleep sacks are more convenient. People can help their babies transition from swaddle to sleep sack. They can also choose an ideal newborn sleep sack for the baby, which can help people to save time and energy. Parents always are too worried about their babies having a good rest at night themselves. There are two methods. One is to set a baby crib next to your bed. Then you can check your baby's condition at any time. Once your baby starts to sleep in his separate room, you can install a baby monitor in your baby’s room.

       Before that, you should get your newborn a suitable sleep sack first.

    Front Opening Zip Up Swaddle

      It is one of the most typical kinds of newborn sleep sack in Kaiya Baby. The popularity of this swaddle zip up is unsurprising. It has many advantages and features:

    • anti-startle reflex

      You can see that this sleep sack has an ergonomic design. It has a tightened waist that can offer a sense of security to your baby.

    • fit neckline design

      Newborns are too young to express their feelings. Crying is their only expression of them. For more comfortable, a fit neck hole is also necessary. The neck hole can not be too big or too small. When the neck hole is too big, it may cover your baby’s mouth and nose. It may increase the risk of suffocation. When the neck hole is too small, your baby may feel uncomfortable and restrictive because of its tightness.  

    • arms up sleep position

      The arms-up sleep position is one of the best sleep positions for newborns. Firstly, it is a natural sleep position for newborns to get more comfort. Secondly, it is safe for a newborn to sleep on his back. Thirdly, this position is convenient for newborns to self-soothe. Fourthly, your babies’ hands can hide in the sleep sack. Parents can do breastfeeding easier and don’t need to worry that babies may have face scratching.

    • enough room in the bottom

      This sleep sack has a tight waist but wide bottom. The bottom leaves enough room for your baby’s hips and legs. Then babies can feel free to kick their legs and do more exercise.

    • two-way zipper and zip protector

      About the zip, we specially chose two-way zippers. Parents can change clothes and diapers for their babies more conveniently. Besides, we added a zip protector on every zipper. Your newborns won’t feel any comfortable about their chins.

    • single-layer design

      This sleep sack is single-layer. Babies won’t feel overheated or overweight. They will get enough comfort after wearing it.

    Front Opening Zip Up Swaddle

    Newborn Front Opening Zip Up Swaddle 0.5 TOG

      This bamboo swaddle sleep sack is a new and improved version of the above original front opening swaddle. We upgraded the fabric. We chose bamboo fiber which is more breathable and lighter. Besides, different from regular cotton, bamboo fiber has a special characteristic of moisture absorption. And it can decrease the risk of your baby having a rash on hot summer days.

    Newborn Front Opening Zip Up Swaddle 0.5 TOG

    Organic Newborn Sleep Sacks With Mesh Cotton

      This organic sleep sack has two parts that have been upgraded. One is the fabric. We get a premium fabric - organic cotton. The other is that our designers have added a special design of mesh cotton. Organic cotton is a completely organic, sustainable fabric that is good for babies to wear.

    Organic Newborn Sleep Sacks With Mesh Cotton

      For more details on organic cotton and regular cotton, you can please check our preview content: Why is organic cotton better than regular cotton?

      The other innovative and individual design is mesh cotton. Designers design it to let heat out. The consideration is that babies may be overheated in summer.


      Your baby can have a more restful sleep, and parents can have a better rest themselves. There are two ways: You can use a blanket to swaddle your newborn. You also can buy a newborn sleep sack directly, as we have recommended above.

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