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Article: Why do babies cry in their sleep? And what can I do?

Why does my baby cry at night? And what can I do?

Why do babies cry in their sleep? And what can I do?

  Crying at night is a common sleep problem during the babyhood. Most of the time, they are really good babies during the day. But they may be irritable and cry at night.

  Regular crying at night is a normal thing for babies. Sometimes, babies may cry for no reason. And they will also cry for some specific reasons. Like they may be uncomfortable or feel pain, etc. But they can't express these feelings in words. So crying is the only way to help them to express themselves.

  Crying is an instinctive reaction of the baby. Newborns can't talk at the beginning. So when they feel pain, they can only express it by crying. There are many reasons for babies to cry at night. Including hunger, wet or dirty diapers, bad quality indoor air, the temperature is too cold or too hot, thirst, painful diseases, and other reasons. All the above things can cause a cry baby at night.

  Besides these normal physiological cries. Babies also have psychological cries when they are frightened or feel sacred.

  When your baby starts to cry at night, parents should observe the baby carefully to find out the cause and try to solve the problem. This article will help you to figure these things out:

1. Why does my baby cry at night?

  There are many reasons why babies cry at night. Parents should not just think about how to soothe their babies. They also need to find out the reasons. 

  • hunger

  Breastfeeding is a recommended feeding way. And breast milk is easy to digest. If your baby cries at night, you can check the time first and think about if it is the time to feed. And you can also try a little test to check if your baby is hungry and needs to be fed.

  • the indoor temperature is too hot or too cold

  The body temperature of infants is similar to adults. But babies don’t have the ability to regulate their body temperatures yet. When your baby cries in the middle of the night, you should check whether your baby is trying to kick off the blanket or sleep sack. Babies may be overheated when the blanket and sleep sack are too thick. On the other hand, parents need to add clothes for their babies appropriately. Don’t let your baby feel too cold or too hot. Too cold or too hot can increase the risk of getting a cold for your baby.

  On hot summer days, babies will also be irritable and inconsolable, because babies may be thirsty in summer. At this time, parents should give the baby some water. But they need to be careful not to let the baby drink too much water.

  • wet or dirty diapers

  The baby's skin is different from an adult’s, which is ultra-delicate and sensitive. If a baby wears the same diaper for a long time, he will feel uncomfortable. Parents should check the baby's diaper in time to have a look if the diaper is wet or dirty. If it is, you should change the diaper for your baby in time. If your baby's butt is red or has skin ulcers, you need to wash your baby's butt with warm water. Apply some moisturizers on the baby’s butt to avoid diaper rash. If the diaper rashes are serious, and the baby is crying because of the pain, you need to take him to the hospital. Some hospitals will provide treatment.

  • teething

  Babies start teething from five months, and the growth will be complete at two and a half years old. Babies sometimes cry because of the discomfort caused by teething. Pay attention to your baby's cheeks and chin, and check if there is a visible red rash or a fever. If it is, you should consider whether the pain of teething is bothering your baby.

  • outside stimuli

  Irritants in the bedroom can cause the baby's respiratory tract to be allergic. So they are gonna cry at night. What can cause irritants? There could be many reasons. It can come from the smell of cigarettes. Second-hand smoke is a kind of serious danger to the baby’s health. Some babies may have pollen allergies. Parents also need to keep their babies from flowering plants. Remember to clean the house regularly. If there are any specks of dust in your baby’s sleeping room, the dust mites can trigger allergies easily.

  • noise

  Noise, like any sudden, loud sound, can wake a baby that is in light sleep, and cause him to cry.  

  • get a cold or have a fever

  When your baby is getting cold, he tends to wake up crying in the middle of the night because the cold and fever can cause discomfort.

  • separation from parents

  Babies are always scared of the new world. And they need to take some time to get familiar with the new environment. Families are close to babies. The sudden departure will cause the baby to feel insecure and anxious. So the unexplained midnight crying will happen.

  • excessive exercise before sleeping

  The nervous system of a baby is not well developed. So if a baby has excessive exercise during the day, it will make the baby's brain still in an excited state during sleep. It may trigger sudden crying in sleep, like a nightmare.

2. What can parents do?

  Never think that your baby is crying only because of hunger. If you want to feed your baby to put him to sleep, it is effortless to make the baby indigestion, and that will be more difficult to sleep peacefully. It needs a concrete analysis of specific situations.

2.1 create a quiet and comfortable sleeping environment
  • safe

  It is crucial to keep the sleep environment safe at all times. Do not stack any soft items in the crib to ensure babies will not be wrapped and covered. Do not smoke in the bedroom. Keep the air fresh and clean.

  • sleeping space

  Every baby needs an individual sleeping space. I will suggest that babies do not sleep with their parents on the same bed. It may increase the danger of getting an injury. The good way is to set a baby crib next to the parents’ bed.

  • moderateroom temperature

  The American Academy of Pediatrics research shows that the most comfortable room temperature for babies is 18-22 degrees. This is just a suggestion. Parents still need to test what room temperature is the best for their baby. You can adjust the room temperature by controlling the air conditioning.

  • light

  Many parents will close the curtain to let their baby sleep during the day. In fact, if the bedroom is dark during the day, it may mess up the baby's biological clock. You need to help babies adapt to the natural light during the daytime as soon as possible. And form a day and night biological clock for them, too.

  • sound

  Many families are afraid of waking up their babies, and are especially careful to avoid making any noise after babies fall asleep. Is this helpful for babies’ sleep? Actually newborns are used to hearing all kinds of sounds when they are still in the mother's womb. If you suddenly put them in a particularly quiet environment, it will make babies feel uneasy. Try to adjust the sound environment at home, and more sound is more conducive to your baby's sleep.

  • sleep on the back

  Can babies sleep on their stomach? Can babies sleep on their side? It is better to let your baby sleep on the back, which is a safe position.

2.2 get perfect sleep sacks

  What should baby wear to sleep? A good sleep sack is essential. Good sleep can not exist without a perfect sleep sack. Sleep sacks can offer a good soothing effect on babies. Try to prepare some sleep sacks for your babies in Kaiya Baby. What kinds of sleep sacks are suitable to select?

sleep sack with mesh cotton

  • made of natural, organic fabrics

  All the sleep sacks you prepared are for babies to wear. You should make sure that the sleep sack is completely safe and organic. Organic sleep sacks are not only safe for babies but also safe for farmers and producers. It is even good for our planet.

  • wear comfortably

  A qualified sleep sack must be comfortable to wear. A comfortable feeling helps a baby to calm down and have a tighter sleep.

  • right tog rating

  The higher TOG is, the warmer the sleep sack is. In winter, you need to choose high tog, thick, warm sleep sacks. In summer, you can choose low tog, thin, cool sleep sacks. 

tog sleep sack chart kaiya baby

2.3 adjust your baby’s eating habits

  Parents should not let babies eat too much before bedtime. If babies overeat, they can not digest. And it is not conducive to their sleep and health. Let your babies eat moderate amounts of food is more helpful to their growth and development.

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