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Article: What can I do if my baby has night terrors?

What can I do if my baby has night terrors?

What can I do if my baby has night terrors?

  Some people may be curious about that can babies have nightmares? The answer is yes, baby nightmares and baby night terrors are common. And today we are gonna talk about night terrors. It is a kind of frightening phenomenon of babyhood and childhood. But don’t worry, they are not dangerous.

1. What do night terrors look like?

  Babies and children usually have night terrors at the same time every night, generally in the first few hours after falling asleep. When night terrors occur, your baby wakes up screaming, or his/her face will be drenched with sweat and filled with panic.

  Under such circumstances, first-time parents will be confused. Babies’ movements make them look like they are awake. But actually, they are still deep in sleep. Night terrors do affect babies’ sleep.

2. Why and how can night terrorstake place?

  About night terrors, doctors and experts don’t find out a specific reason yet. Below are some possible triggers:

  • overtired

  If you make your baby overtired when he/she is awake. It may increase the probability of night terrors happening.

  • get a fever

  When your baby catches a cold or gets a fever. It is hard for him/her to get a restful sleep.

  • stress

  When a baby is tense or stressed, he/she usually will have a bad sleep.

3. What can I do if my baby has night terrors?

3.1 create a safe sleep environment

  When night terrors happen, babies are totally unconscious of what they will do. They are easy to hurt themselves. At this time, a safe sleep environment is very important. Parents should make sure that their babies won’t knock against something hard. Besides, parents also need to pay more attention to babies to protect them from dangers.

3.2 help your baby to establish a good sleep routine

  Try not to make a baby be too excited before going to bed. It will make your baby couldn't fall asleep last night. What could be done?

  • Don’t play exciting music to your baby. Soothing, gentle music is better.
  • Don’t play many games with your baby. Like dancing with babies, playing video games, watching TV, etc. These things all will make a baby be excited or tired. You should choose other things to do with your baby. Like reading a book together with him/her, or telling your baby a story.

3.3 share the same room with your baby

  On one hand, it is convenient for parents to check their babies at any time. On the other hand, babies can share the same room with their parents but do not share the same bed with them. Put your baby in a crib, let him/her sleep by himself/herself.

3.4 prepare a sleep sack for your baby

  If a baby wants to have a high-quality sleep. A sleep sack is necessary. For all aged babies, including newborns, toddlers, sleep sacks are versatile. Different kinds of sleep sacks can meet the different needs of different babies.

  Thick winter sleep sacks can offer babies enough warmth on cold winter days. Babies can feel cozy, snug while sleeping. These sleep sacks are warm, and also lightweight. Babies won’t feel any uncomfortable.

  In summer, there are some sleep sacks that are made of bamboo fiber. It can make a sleep sack more breathable, cooler, perfect for summer wear.

  The types of sleep sacks are also various, including swaddle sleep sacks, grow-with-me sleep sacks, split-leg sleep sacks, etc.

  FRONT OPENING LONG SLEEVE SLEEP SACK, a functional sleep sack. It has detachable long sleeves, you can move or install them at any time. This sleep sack can be a long-sleeve sleep sack. And it also can be a sleeveless sleep sack.

3.5 see a doctor

If your baby’s night terrors occur frequently or over a long period of time. I suggest you need to take your baby to see a doctor in time.

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