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Article: How to let your baby have a healthy weight?

How to let your baby have a healthy weight?

How to let your baby have a healthy weight?

  People have always suffered weight problems. Not only adults but also babies. If a baby wants a healthy weight, he/she often requires the assistance of his/her parents. Parents may need to do something like preparing different baby stages of food, reading a baby food cookbook to make baby food flavors, etc. For more details please kindly read on, I hope this article can help you reach your baby a healthy weight.

1. Why does your baby need a healthy weight?

  The most fundamental reason is that it is a danger to health. Babies who are overweight may run some risks as below.

  • Increase the risk of heart disease and blood vessel disease.
  • Increases mortality risk.
  • Babies may have limited mobility.
  • More likely to sweat in summer.
  • Increase the risk of cancer.

2. How to get a healthy weight for your baby?

  The keys to help your baby reach and stay at a healthy weight are two aspects: one is to do regular exercise, the other is to build good eating habits. Besides, you should know that it takes time. Your baby can not gain weight overnight, or lose it overnight. But you still need to do it. Because being a healthy weight can help reduce your baby’s chance of getting diabetes, and other health problems, as well as some cancers.

  • control your baby’s calorie intake

You can consult some health experts that how many calories different aged babies need to intake every day to maintain a healthy weight.

  • chew more

  Teach your baby to chew more, eat slowly, gently. It is a good habit. Babies can enjoy their food better. It also can help lose weight, improve digestion.

  • need a balanced diet

  A healthy diet is based on a base of grains, vegetables, and fruits. In the beginning, mothers’ breast milk is the best food for babies. As babies grow up, they can eat food. You can prepare more fresh vegetables, fruits, necessary protein, carbohydrates.

  • exercise

Babies need to exercise. But excessive exercise also can do more harm than good to your baby’s health. Therefore you must control the amount of exercise. The ideal athletic effect can promote a baby’s blood circulation, keep his/her body soft nimble, control weight gain, exercise muscle.

  • help your baby to sleep well

  Lack of sleep also promotes obesity. So you need to help your baby to have a high-quality sleep.

  • create a perfect sleep environment

  If you want your baby to have a good sleep, giving him/her a perfect sleep environment is necessary. Firstly, the environment needs to be smoke-free, keep the air quality to be healthy. Secondly, it should not be too much talking and noise. Thirdly, when your baby is going to go to bed, turn off the light. Artificial light not only can hurt your baby’s eyes but also can affect his/her natural sleep rhythm.

  • prepare a sleep sack  

  Good sleep is inseparable from a good sleep sack. What are sleep sacks’ advantages?

A: Give your baby a sense of security. One of the reasons babies can not sleep well at night is that they are feeling insecure. Because they are unfamiliar with the new world.

B: Give babies enough warmth on cold winter days. Babies do need a cozy, snug, comfortable feeling while sleeping. A winter sleep sack is made of double layers of cotton with padding that can meet babies’ needs.

C: Constantly updated products, more and more versatile. Like FRONT OPENING LONG SLEEVE SLEEP SACK, it has removable long sleeves and opened bottom. Parents can remove or install the two long sleeves conveniently. They also can open the bottom easily which can help change diapers.

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