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Article: techniques to improve the baby's memory

techniques to improve the baby's memory

techniques to improve the baby's memory

  People have noticed that infants don't have many memories of when they are little. Because they are still in their early stages of development. Babies can not form enduring memories at this point in development. They only can recognize some stimuli, like faces, smell, voice, etc.

  Babies normally can not think of the things that happened to them recently like adults. But they will have a familiar, safe feeling when they meet or experience something that they recognize. Improving the baby's memory can help them deeply learn new things, and have better growth and development. So today’s article will introduce some techniques to help mothers to improve their babies’ memories.

1. stay fresh

  People always are excited, interested in fresh, new things. When babies are facing, experiencing something for the first time, things will activate the regions of the brain involved in memory. Continually stimulating the brain is good for building up a cognitive reserve, increasing memory retention and recall. So parents could find some new things to do with babies in daily life. Like playing different games in different places, attracting babies with different toys, etc. Giving babies some intellectual toys, like tangram, building blocks, jigsaw puzzles, etc also can help develop babies’ intelligence, active thinking.

2. Repeat

  Although babies are quick to learn new things. Parents still need to repeat things to them. Constant practice, repeat have such as effect on memory. No matter what kind of memorizing methods are, repeated rehearsal is needed to achieve long-term memory and efficient retrieval. If babies repeat things often, then things will go into long-term memory in their minds.

3. more talk for more different words

  Talking to babies in daily life in different words is also an important way that can help improve babies’ memories. Because this is the main channel for babies to learn new words, new things. Parents can try to talk to babies more to help them learn new things and strengthen of memory. Besides talking, buying some cloth books to read to babies is also a good way. While reading books together with babies, babies not only can learn by listening but also can learn by seeing  different, beautiful, colorful patterns.

4. play some music

  Babies not only just can listen to people’s words, but they also can listen to different music. Basically, music can stimulate the babies' sense of hearing. What’s more, music also can be enacted on the left temporal region of the brain enhances.

5. keep a smile

  If the memories are positive and happy, babies will be more willing to recall them. So when parents are playing with their babies, it is better to keep a smile. On one hand, it is good for babies’ learning and memory. On the other hand, it is also can help enhance the parent-child relationship.

6. soft baby clothes recommendations

  During the process of learning, wearing comfortable, soft clothes for babies is also a kind of help for them to learn better.

  This is a soft romper that is made of waffle-knit cotton. It is soft, breathable, elastic. Babies can wear it single or wear it with a sleeping bag. It has long sleeves and a split-leg design. Babies can play, exercise freely while wearing it.

  This sleep sack looks similar to the above romper by appearance. It is also long sleeves and has a split-leg design. But this sleeping bag is thicker than the romper. It is a warm sleeping bag in 2.5 TOG that is more suitable for cold winter days. 

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