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Article: Should a mother read to her newborn?

Should a mother read to her newborn?

Should a mother read to her newborn?

  Parents always want to increase the intimate degree with their babies. But how to do it? There are many ways can achieve it. Like getting in touch skin to skin, sleeping in the same room, talking to the babies, etc. Some mothers also will read to their babies. Is it necessary? Should a mother read to her newborn every day? Today’s article will talk about this.

1. benefits of reading books for babies

1.1 strengthen the bonds as a family

  Parents need to spend part of every day together with their babies. The parents and babies are virtually becoming closer over time. For most people, love is time, love is memory. It is important to create an environment to spend time with babies. Reading to a baby is a good way that a mother can not miss. After birth, the baby will develop a bond with his/her mother immediately. Because they could hear the sound when they were in the womb. Their mothers’ voices are familiar to them. So they can recognize it after birth. At this time, if a mother can insist on reading to her baby every day, it can certainly help them to be closer.

1.2 help babies to learn by imitation

  At the beginning of a baby’s development, they do not know what, and how to learn a new thing. But they are good at imitating. Newborns that are a few weeks old can do an imitation, they can copy their parent’s facial expressions. As time goes by, elder babies will start to copy what their parents say word by word, phrase by phrase, and sentence by sentence. 

  Mothers can read to them repeatedly. Babies love repetition. It gives them enough time and examples to mimic the voice and words. Imitation plays a big role in the development of a baby. They can learn a lot of new things, new words in this process. 

1.3 help a baby to have better learning ability, large vocabulary

  Babies who are read by their parents every day will have a large vocabulary. Because they have access to more words. Listening has a direct impact on their language skills. Language ability always is a plus for a person. It can help babies to achieve their personal growth in the near future.

1.4 help babies to recognize basic shapes and colors

  During the process of reading, babies not only can hear the voices but also can see the colorful books. It does help them to recognize basic shapes and colors. As it is known that cloth books always have bright colors. Because babies love them, and these colors can excite the senses better.

2. wear comfortable baby clothes while reading

  What a baby wearing, while a mother is reading is also important. A comfortable baby cloth can give a baby a better feeling and more comfort. Then he/she will be more patient to hear the reading. As it is nearly winter, below will recommend two hot-selling winter sleeping bags from Kaiya Baby.


  This is a long sleeve heated sleep sack for elder babies and toddlers who can walk or stand. Split-leg design gives them more freedom to move. At the same, it also does a good job keeping babies warm. The three-dimensional bottom of the crotch also can help a baby feel more comfortable while wearing diapers.


  This sleeping bag has a high TOG degree than the above one. And it is sleeves that can help babies to flail arms freer. Free movement can make it more interactive during reading. Babies can have a higher engagement. Not just only mothers read for them. Besides, the bottom of this sleeping bag can be opened. Babies can hide their feet in, also can peek their feet out.

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