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Article: What I should know as a newborn's mom?

What I should know as a newborn's mom?

What I should know as a newborn's mom?

  We all know that it's not easy to raise a baby, and for child raising, especially a newborn. You need to consider your baby’s physiology and psychology. Because both two aspects of a baby are delicate. Babies have fragile bodies and insecure hearts. That is why new mothers always are concerned about how to take care of a newborn, how to raise a child up. Don’t worry, today will give you some suggestions.

1. feed

  You should consider above all is feeding. Feeding can allow your baby to get more out of the things he/she is eating. Food, breast milk, formula milk all can provide your baby’s body with the nutrients he/she needs, help him/her grow and develop better, healthier. For newborns, there are two main methods of feeding: breastfeeding and formula feeding.

1.1 breastfeeding

  If you can, I suggest you choose to feed your baby breast milk. Because breastfeeding has many advantages.

  • There are many different kinds of vitamins naturally present in breast milk. It is necessary for people to get all the vitamins and minerals they need every day.
  • Human breast milk hasmore beneficial qualities than formula milk for babies. 
  • Some puericulturists said that breast-fed babies will be intellectually brighter.
  • Breastfeeding can minimize the risk of SIDS.
  • Breastfeeding can cut down therisk of being obese for babies.
  • Breast milk is easily digested.

1.2 formula feeding

  Not all mothers can breastfeed their babies. Then you can feed your baby infant formula. Most supply of infant formula is safe now. Although it is not as good as human breast milk, it is safe.  

2. sleep

  The next important aspect of newborn parenting is sleep. Newborns usually sleep most of the time in the day. You should provide your newborn with a perfect sleep environment to help him/her sleep better. What kind of environment is perfect for a newborn?

  • perfect sleep environment
  • Keep good indoor air quality.

The bedroom needs to be smokeless. Passive smoking endangers seriously a newborn’s health.

  • Set a suitable room temperature.

The room temperature can not be too high or too low. If it is too low, newborns may get a cold. If it is too high, newborns may be overheated. Parents need to set a comfortable, suitable temperature for them.

  • Create a quiet environment

  If there is too much noise, newborns can not sleep well at night. People need a relatively quiet to have a restful sleep. If noise bothers you and your baby, you can buy a white noise machine.

  • have a pre-sleep routine

  Parents also can help newborns to have a good pre-sleep routine, don’t let them be too excited before going to bed. For example, you can tell your baby a story, read a book with him/her, listen to some gentle music together, etc.

  Sleep sacks are essential for a newborn. A good sleep sack needs to be organic, natural, healthy without any chemicals. Because newborns’ skins are super delicate. Chemicals will cause them an allergic skin reaction. On the other hand, organic cotton is a sustainable fabric. It is not only good for newborns but also good for our planet, our natural environment. Besides, a sleep sack also need to be comfortable. Because it is made for newborns. Newborns can sleep well when they feel comfortable and secure. Kaiya Baby has many high quality long sleeve sleep sacks for your choice.

3. Health

  Parents’ one concern is for the health of their babies. During pregnancy, after birth, go to see a doctor regularly to check and confirm your health and your baby's health. Take babies to see the doctor sooner with symptoms. It is best to achieve early detection and early treatment.    

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