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Article: What is the best way to get a newborn baby to sleep?

What is the best way to get a newborn baby to sleep?

What is the best way to get a newborn baby to sleep?

Usually, new parents can't sleep well at night. There are many reasons: newborn will not sleep at night, often wake and can not fall back asleep again. Parents also are indirectly affected by their babies. When newborns do not want to sleep on time, parents need to think of some way to get them to do that. Today’s article will discuss that what is the best way to get a newborn baby to sleep, and introduce some easy methods for the baby.  

1. DecreasBedtime Stimulation 

Don't get the babies overexcited before bedtime. Like parent-children interaction, physical exertions, etc. Doing these activities too close to bedtime energizes their bodies’ systems by simulation the release of adrenaline, make it hard for them to calm down and sleep. 

On the contrary, parents need to help their babies do some calming activities, or build a relaxing bedtime routine to calm them down. Like reading stories, having a warm bath, listening to some soothing music, etc. These things all can make a baby know that it is time to sleep.

2. Swaddle Babies

Normally, babies need to be swaddled while sleeping. The premise is that parents need to get a good sleeping sack for their newborns. A right sleeping sack is important for parents to get a baby to sleep. Below are some suitable sleeping sacks recommendations:

1) Front Opening Zip Up Swaddle 1.0 TOG

This Kaiya Baby swaddle is using an ergonomic one-piece design with the anti-startle reaction. In order to offer babies a longer, good sleep.

Every swaddle also has enough space in the bottom for babies’ legs to move freely, get more comfort while sleeping.

Two-way zipper for easier diaper changing, even in the middle of the night.

2) Short Sleeves Front Opening ARMS UP Swaddle

This arms up swaddle with short sleeves is easy for babies to wave, exercise their arms.

Grow-with-me adjustable hemline design is for all aged babies. It also extends the usable life of the swaddle for sustainable development.

3) Front Opening Long Sleeve Sleep Sack

TOG 1.0 is suitable for babies that is not too heavy or not too light. This sleeping sack not only can provide the right amount of warmth for babies but also can help stabilize their bodies’ temperature. No risks of getting a cold in an air condition room, and overheating.

The long sleeves are removable. After removing, it becomes a sleeveless sleeping sack. Long sleeves are easy for warm-keeping, sleeveless is suitable for arms moving. Versatile sleeping sacks for different needs from different babies.

3. Change A Fresh Nappy

Another important factor that needs to be considered is comfort. Parents need to check their babies’ diapers first before they decide to send their babies right to sleep. Dirty or wet diapers need to be changed in time. Or these nappies will make babies feel uncomfortable, and increase the incidence of diaper rash.

4. Create A Calm, Safe Atmosphere

Babies grow, sleep in their mothers’ wombs before birth, a closed, quiet, no light environment. So creating a similar atmosphere is also a good way to get babies’ sleep.  

1) Dimming the lights in the room

Light may stimulate the brain to promote arousal and vigilance. Normally, cells in the human body will get the signal, like bright means wake, dark means sleep. So it is necessary to dim the lights in the room when parents want to get their babies to sleep.

2) Sleep in a relatively quiet room

Babies always could hardly get asleep with the noise outside so loud. Compared to a noisy room, a quiet room is easier for babies to fall asleep. 

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