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Article: How should a sleep sack fit?

How should a sleep sack fit?

How should a sleep sack fit?

  Every baby needs an appropriate sleep sack in their growth. It is a versatile baby product that a baby can wear no matter whether he/she is asleep or awake. There is a wide range of different sleep sacks available on the market to choose from. How should a new mother choose an appropriate sleep sack for her baby? Today’s article can help confused new mothers to find the answer.

1. Why the baby needs a sleep sack?

1.1 offer the baby safety

  The sleep sack can provide a sense of security to the baby. Newborns are usually prone to having the startle reflex, which makes them can not have a restful sleep. Sleep sacks can give newborns a sense of security, improve the quality of sleep, and help simulate a womb-like environment for them.

1.2 decrease the risk of suffocation

  The AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) does not recommend using overly fluffy, soft items for infants, including pillows, quilts, toys, mattresses, etc. Babies, especially those under one year old, are not capable of removing these fluffy things. Therefore, babies always have the risk of suffocation, which is really dangerous. Sleep sacks should be used at bedtime to reduce the risk of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome).

1.3 avoid babies kicking off the quilt

  Babies are easy to kick off the quilt when they feel hot. Parents need to get up several times a night to check their babies and help cover the quilts. Using the sleep sack can help parents save valuable time and energy at night. Babies can have a more stable sleep. Sleep sacks also can help avoid the baby kicking the quilt and catching a cold.

2. Features Of Sleep Sacks

  A great sleep sack needs to be achieved for  the following features:

2.1 warm, comfortable, soft, cozy

  The most fundamental feature of a sleep sack is that it should be comfortable. Babies can wear them for every occasion, like playing, sleeping, etc. In the choice of fabric, the fabric needs to be high-quality, safe, healthy, and soft on babies’ sensitive skin. It is better to make every baby as comfortable as they can be while wearing.

  Besides, the sleep sacks also need to be good at warm-keeping. Because the resistance and immunity of babies are relatively poor, they are easy to get a cold if their parents don’t take good care of them. Babies are easy to get a cold or overheated. Parents should change the clothes for babies in time in different temperatures.

2.2 easy to take on and off

  In order to keep the baby clean and comfortable all the time, parents need to irregularly check if their babies are sweating or if they need a diaper change? If the babies’ clothes are wet or dirty, mothers need to change them in time.

2.3 safe

  Last but not least, safety is a basic but important feature of a baby sleep sack. As a professional baby clothes brand, the safety of our products is always the biggest thing to us. All sleep sacks in Kaiya Baby have been made of 100% organic, sustainable fabrics for keeping your little one safe. We have cooperated with many professional third-party independent testing agencies, including SGS, GOTS and Oeko-Tex®, for quality inspection for higher comfort levels, better reliability, and better safety.

  A safe sleep should have a safe fabric, safe product design, and should be chemical-free to help relax babies’ delicate skins and reduce their tensions for sleep.

3. How should a sleep sack fit?

  Every new mother needs a useful, practical shopping guide for sleep sacks. You can select a fit sleep sack through different aspects.

3.1 developmental stage

1) Swaddling

  Newborns always lack security and feel unsafe after birth. The world is all new and strange to newborns. They need to be swaddled by a blanket or have a swaddling sleep sack. Swaddling is a traditional way that can help soothe a newborn baby. If you don’t know how to swaddle your newborn, you can please check our blog - How to swaddle a baby? 

  On the other hand, buying a swaddling sleep sack is more convenient. Firstly, the sleep sack is easier to use. Secondly, it can keep the newborn sleeping in a comfortable, ARMS-UP sleeping position. Sleeping on the back with arms up is natural and safe that can make the baby have a more restful sleep. Thirdly, the swaddling sleep sack also can prevent newborns from SIDS.   

  This sleep sack involves some unique sets of designs. It is an ergonomic one-piece that has a waist-skimming design. Babies can have a safer feeling that makes them have a longer, more restful sleep after wearing it. At the same time, the loose-fit design in the bottom gives babies enough room to kick their legs freely.

  The most attractive selling point is the selection of fabric. This sleep sack is made of bamboo fiber, which is green and natural. Bamboo fiber is buttery-soft. Your baby can get more comfort while wearing it. This fabric also has a natural UV protectant that can protect your little one from sunburn. It is also one of the most eco-friendly fabrics on the planet. Using safe, natural materials is beneficial to saving the planet. Babies are easier to sweat in summer. Bamboo fiber has high hygroscopicity, which keeps the baby dry after sweating. The bamboo fiber sleep sack not only can make babies cool in summer but also can keep babies warm in winter. Because bamboo fiber has a high insulating capability. In addition, babies have more sensitive and delicate skins than adults, and they are easy to get skin allergies. The bamboo fiber sleep sack is suitable for them. Natural bamboo fiber is hypoallergenic that does not cause allergic reactions.

Newborn Front Opening Zip Up Swaddle 0.5 TOG

2) Transitional

   When your baby gets to this stage, he will start to roll. At this time, parents should stop swaddling and change to a new sleep sack for their babies. The new sleep sack needs to offer the little one a free feeling, be functional, and be easy to use. Sleep sacks should have the ability to help parents solve the sleep problems of their babies effectively.

  This is an organic sleep sack that is made of 100% organic cotton. Organic cotton is a sustainable fabric that can make your baby have a safe sleep. There is also an organic cotton mesh on the back of the sleep sack, which is easy to let heat out.

Short Sleeves Baby Sleep Sack With Mesh Cotton

  The grow-with-me adjustable hemline of the front-opening sleep sack can be taken the stitches out. As babies grow, they can peek their feet out. Besides, the long sleeves of this long-sleeve sleep sack in cameo pink, whisper green, and shell are also removable. Parents can remove the sleeves easily. This long-sleeve sleep sack can change to a sleeveless sleep sack. Sleeveless sleep sacks are convenient for babies to self-soothe.

Front Opening Long Sleeve Sleep Sack

3) Independent Sleep

  Once babies start to learn to stand, walk and sleep independently. At this stage, your baby will be mobile. These sleep sacks are usually easy to wear. So babies can wear it more comfortably and crawl or walk more freely. No baby likes to be tied up. And we use high-qualified, two-way YKK zippers to keep the baby safe. Parents can change the sleep sacks for their babies easier. Besides, Kaiya Baby independent sleep sacks can be worn with baby rompers and baby bodysuits perfectly. The zipper romper is easy to wear.

  Compared to the above sleep sack, the biggest difference in this sleep sack is the split-leg design. These sleep sacks for toddlers are suitable for kicking, standing, walking, etc. And the three-dimensional bottom of the crotch also gives more space for the baby to move freely and creates more comfort while babies are wearing diapers.

  This thicken 2.5 TOG sleep sack is also suitable for winter. It can be used for good warm-keeping.

kaiya baby Thicken Long Sleeves Split-leg Sleep Sack

3.2 TOG

  What is a TOG rating? What does tog mean on sleep sacks?

  TOG is short of the thermal overall grade. The higher the tog rating, the warmer a sleep sack is. In summer, babies should wear low TOG sleep sacks. In winter. Babies need to wear high TOG sleep sacks.

3.3 size

  It is best to choose the baby sleep sack that fits the baby. On the other hand, from the economic point of view, some people prefer the kind of sleep sack that can be extended. A good quality sleep sack with a long useful life is very economical. In addition, babies also like  sleep sacks with relaxed designs that can help them feel free.

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