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Article: What is the purpose of a sleep sack?

What is the purpose of a sleep sack?

What is the purpose of a sleep sack?

  Each new arrival has a special meaning for the family. This is not just the birth of a new life. It also means that every member of the family has a new role, new hope, and new life purpose. Almost all parents are in a state of ecstasy and happiness when their baby is born. It is conceivable that if the baby has any problems at this time, it will be a big blow to the family.

  However, there is such a situation that newborns die silently in their sleep. This condition is called "sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS)". Such tragedies have struck countless families. About 3,500 babies in the United States die each year from SIDS and sleep-related conditions. Numerous scientists, medical practitioners, and parents are working to understand and prevent this problem.

  This is a real case. A 4-month-old baby accidentally suffocated by covering his nose with a quilt while sleeping and finally died due to ineffective rescue. It is really sad.

  Before that, someone suggested that the mother buy a sleep sack for her child so that she didn't have to worry about the baby kicking off blankets and catching a cold at night. But she felt the child was growing so fast that one piece a year was too wasteful, so she didn't buy it. Unexpectedly, she lost her baby forever.

  Such encounters are actually very common. Blankets are indispensable bedding in daily life. Many people have never even thought that a blanket that could bring warmth can also become a "murderer".

  When suffocation occurs, it has nothing to do with age, it comes quietly and without any pain. This is because people's consciousness is relatively weak when they are asleep. When the face is covered, the oxygen will be less, and the carbon dioxide concentration will be higher. The brain will gradually lose consciousness due to a lack of oxygen during sleep until death.

  As scary as it sounds, going back to the above case, if that child had a sleep sack, the tragedy of losing the baby would probably have been avoided. As long as the size is suitable, the sleep sack is not allowed to cover the face, and parents don't have to worry about catching a cold because of kicking off blankets.

  Therefore, we can clearly understand the significance of sleep sacks for infant sleep safety, which can effectively prevent babies from dying from SIDS. But is the meaning of sleep sacks limited to this? Of course not. The benefits it brings are far beyond your imagination.

Provide babies with a sense of security

  The startle reflex often occurs in newborns, which is a normal physiological reaction to the baby's lack of security, and they wake up easily with startle responses. The swaddling sleep sacks can simulate the uterine environment, bringing him a sense of warmth and being wrapped, making him feel more secure in a warm atmosphere.

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Prevent babies from IMS

  Infant muggy syndrome occurs mostly in infants under one year old, especially newborns. Mainly caused by parents overdressing their babies for fear of catching a cold. Although the baby's physiological activities have begun at this time, the respiratory system and thermoregulation system have not yet developed well, and the adaptability to the external environment is poor. Covering with a thick blanket can cause sweating, pallor, convulsions, coma, and possibly even affect the development of the nervous system. If the baby is in a coma for too long, it will cause serious sequelae such as mental retardation and epilepsy. In particularly severe cases, even death due to respiratory failure. Experts suggest that parents can reduce this potential risk by using sleep sacks. Especially for children under one year old, for safety, it is necessary to choose a sleep sack with a high safety rating, and the sleep sack should be just right rather than too large or too small.

Prevent babies from kicking off blankets and catching a cold

  Babies sleep unconsciously and always kick off blankets. If the parents do not cover the blanket in time, the baby is prone to diarrhea due to the fever. Using a sleep sack is just like putting on a blanket that can't be pushed off, providing a warm sleeping environment for the baby without worrying about catching a cold when they roll over. In this way, the parents' sleep will not be affected by waking up many times to check because of the fear that the baby will catch a cold.

Cultivate good sleep habits for babies

  The sleep sacks simulate the uterine environment, which can give the baby a great sense of security. On the one hand, they can help the baby develop a good habit of sleeping as soon as putting on them, and on the other hand, they can also make the baby learn to sleep independently earlier.

When to use sleep sacks?

  Newborns generally sleep peacefully and do not move around, so many parents choose to utilize a sleep sack after a couple of weeks or months. Of course, it's fine to use it as long as they choose the appropriate size once the baby is born. Some parents use swaddles or blankets to wrap their babies to make their babies sleep more peacefully. This method has certain threats. If the baby sleeps in the swaddling position and changes to the prone position, it has a higher safety risk. Swaddles or blankets that are too tight can additionally affect your baby's hip as well as knee development. Consequently, once the baby rolls over, it is necessary to quit using the swaddle immediately. At this time, a baby sleep sack is a good option. As a result, the use time of the sleep sack can be determined according to the baby's situation, but regardless of which sleeping product is made use of, the safety of sleep must be guaranteed.

How to choose sleep sacks?

  Various baby sleep sacks are overwhelming and dazzling for new parents who do not know where to start. The following selection guide will solve this dilemma for parents.

  Initially, it is essential to select the correct size of the sleep sack. Some parents might choose a larger one to prolong its use time. As a matter of fact, this has certain safety risks. If the sleep sack is too large, the holes in the neck and arms will be larger, as well as the baby's head may fall in or they will climb out of the sleep sack, which is not good for the safety of the baby. And a sleep sack that's too big can not keep the baby warm enough. Parents must not think that buying a sleep sack is a once and for all due to laziness and to save money. Of course, the sleep sack ought not to be too small. If the sleep sack is too tight, the baby will feel restrained and unhappy when sleeping in it. So, take care to choose a sleep sack of the right size for your baby.

  When choosing the size, parents can use the baby's body length plus 10-15cm, which is basically a reasonable length, so that the baby will feel very comfortable inside and can kick the legs freely. Baby sleep sacks are generally divided into different models according to age, there are 0-6 months, 6-18 months, 18-36 months, and even some manufacturers are more detailed, 0-3 months, 3-6 months, etc. In the first six months, the baby will grow very fast. At this stage, it is necessary to change the appropriate sleep sack according to the baby's length in time. In addition, it is recommended that parents buy 2-3 sleep sacks for their babies, and use them according to different seasons and temperatures, which is also convenient for cleaning and replacement.

  The second is the material of the sleep sack. The best baby sleep sack material is a natural fiber, such as organic cotton material is a good choice, in addition, there are some blended materials such as cotton and spandex or bamboo fiber, silk, linen, wool, etc., all have their own characteristics. Try not to have or have a few decorations on the sleep sack, especially some small objects such as beads, which may be dangerous for the baby to swallow. But no matter what material it is, it must be washable. As for the color and pattern of the sleeping bag, it depends on what the mother and baby like.

  Then it comes to the type of sleep sack. The sealing type of different sleep sacks will be different, some are zipper type, some are button or tether type, and zipper type is divided into the front zipper and side zipper according to the different positions of the zipper, no matter which type, the mother should ensure the safety of the baby. Especially the thicker material. Tethers and buttons around the neck also present a certain risk to the child, possibly strangling the baby or biting on the buttons. In addition, the type of sleep sack is also divided into whether it is split-leg or not. The split-leg may be more flexible, while the non-split allows the baby to curl up inside, making it warmer, which is up to the baby to decide. Therefore, the type of sleep sack should be selected by the preferences of the parents and the baby, as long as it is safe and the baby accepts it.

  Lastly is the thickness of the sleep sack. Most products will be marked with a TOG rating description, which is used to measure the warmth of clothes, quilts, or other items. Different sleep sacks have different ratings, and the warmth retention effect is also different. The tog range is mainly between 0.5-2.5, and some have reached 3.5. If the temperature in the house is relatively warm, parents can choose a sleep sack with a lower rating, and if the temperature is colder, transfer a sleep sack with a higher rating. In summer, parents can use a sleep sack rated 0.5 TOG for the baby, and choose a sleep sack rated 3.5 TOG in winter. Of course, in some families, the heating in winter is very hot and the room temperature is high, so there is no need to choose a 3.5 TOG sleep sack. That is to say, parents should choose a suitable sleep sack for their baby according to the season and indoor temperature. In short, the baby generally only needs to wear a romper inside and a sleep sack on the outside to keep warm. Parents can judge the temperature by testing whether the baby's chest is warm rather than touching their hands and feet.

  Kaiya Baby is committed to creating a brand with warmth, using our professionalism and authority to help parents and witness the growth of children together.

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