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Article: What Are Preventing Babies from Sleeping Through The Night?

What Are Preventing Babies from Sleeping Through The Night?

What Are Preventing Babies from Sleeping Through The Night?

  Newborns spend most of the day sleeping. Their sleep cycles are irregular. Each sleep of newborns is short, and they usually wake up several times during the night.

  As babies grow, they will enter a relatively regular sleep pattern gradually. However, many parents may miss to establishing a regular sleep pattern for their babies. Today’s article will help you to learn how to get your baby to sleep through the night.

1. What is “Sleep Through the Night”?

  Some pediatricians in the U.S. recommend that a 10-hour continuous sleep can be considered as a whole night's sleep.

2. Sleep Length of Different Month-age

  As you can see from the below chart, from 3 months old, the duration of your baby's nighttime sleep lengthens gradually. With the regularity of feeding and the maturity of physiological development, babies will gradually have the ability to sleep for a longer time or sleep through the night.

A Guide to Baby's Sleep


0-6 Weeks

6 Weeks
-3 Months

4 Months
-8 Months

9 Months
-12 Months

13 Months
-24 Months

24 Months
-36 Months

Total Sleep Per Day







Number Of Naps







Total Night Sleep







Total Day Sleep







Data Sources:Marc Weissbluth, M.D. 《Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child》
Please remember that these are general guidelines. Every baby is different.

3. What things are preventing babies sleep through the night?

3.1 startle reflex

  The startle reflex is also named as Moro reflex. It usually occurs before a baby is startled by a sudden loud sound or movement. The feeling that danger is near causes startling reactions. Usually, babies will have three reactions: spreading out the arms, pulling the arms in, crying, or yelling. Why do babies have Moro reflex? Because their nervous systems are still developing. The Moro reflex will gradually ease as babies grow older. In the beginning, parents need to soothe their babies when they wake.

3.2 night feedings

  Newborns have tiny tummies. So they can not eat a lot at once. They only can eat less but more times. Parents usually need to get up in the middle of the night to feed their babies. On the one hand, feeding at night can supply babies’ bodies with energy and provide them with important nutrients. On the other hand, if a baby doesn't get enough to eat, he also will sleep poorly at night. Feeding needs a time ration. A baby develops a good habit is very important.  

3.3 bad sleeping environment

  If a baby wants to have good-quality sleep, he needs a good sleeping environment. Bad sleeping environment including too much noise, shaky environment, secondhand smoke, inappropriate room temperature, etc. It is a little difficult for babies to have a restful sleep if they sleep in these bad sleeping environments.

3.4 have no sense of security

  Every baby has stayed in the womb before birth for a long time. The mothers’ wombs give them enough sense of security. Once they leave the familiar environment, they enter a new world. They will feel afraid and insecure. Usually, they may not go to sleep with ease and will have disturbed sleep and wake often during sleep.

4. When do babies start sleeping through the night?

  The most conservative view is that the ability to sleep through a baby's night will develop after 6 months of age. 

5. How to get your baby to sleep through the night?

  • give your baby a soothing item

  This soothing item, a blanket or a stuffed toy, is likely to become the favorite thing to soothe your baby's sleep. These things can help give your baby a sense of security when he is awakened. But remember to remove all soft things in the baby crib. Or they are easy to cause the risk of suffocation.

  • help your baby establish a sleep routine

  Babies’ sleep habits are gradually built up. And it also depends on the way how parents take care of them. Wrong methods can confuse their babies' sleep time.

  Parents can try to help establish a sleep routine for their babies, such as fixed breastfeeding time, bath time, bedtime, etc. A regular routine will bring a sense of security to the baby. As time goes by, the baby’s body will get used to the routine. Babies will be easier to fall asleep and have a longer, more restful sleep.

  • establish a good sleep environment

  Although the baby's vision is not fully developed, but he already has the light sensitivity.

  Parents do not close the curtains in the daytime and pay attention to avoid letting their babies sleep too long at night. Parents should try to keep the light dim and adjust the room temperature  to be maintained at about 26-28 degrees at night. So babies will gradually have the ability to distinguish the day and night.

  • do not disturb a sleeping baby

  After the baby is born, parents will be on standby 24 hours a day. Because the quality of a baby's sleep can affect the baby's growth and development. So most of the parents will be particularly nervous.

  Some mothers worry that their babies sleep too long and are easily hungry. Some parents often wake up their sleeping babies while changing diapers.

  Sometimes, parents cause some disturbance to the baby's sleep. And it will have a negative impact on the baby's sleep. In addition, it will also make the baby unable to develop good sleep habits, and will easily wake him up after a sleep period.

  • do not let your baby sleep too much during the day

Babies are always excited during the day. You can take the baby to play some exercise, which can promote the baby's growth and development and help the baby improve the quality of sleep at night. So the baby can sleep a whole night.

  • give your baby more security

  Set the baby crib next to parents’ bed in the same room. Then the baby can feel his parents are next to him, making him feel safer.

  • help your baby wean at night

Training a baby to quit night milk is necessary. Once your baby gets used to drinking milk at night, he will also get used to waking up in the middle of the night. Then parents need to take some time to feed or soothe their babies. Helping your baby wean at night is helpful to let him sleep through the night.

  • swaddle your baby

  Newborn babies are easy to lack security. People usually use a small blanket or a quilt to swaddle their babies. Swaddling can make the baby feel safer and keep him sleeping in a safe sleep position. On the other hand, swaddle also has the function of anti-Moro reflex.

  People can learn how to swaddle a baby through the below link:

How to swaddle a baby?

  People also can get a swaddling sleep sack for their newborn babies directly, which is more convenient and easy to use.

  • have a suitable sleep sack

Baby Bamboo Quilted Sleeveless Sleep Sack TOG 1.0

  People can know the biggest selling point of this sleep sack from the product title - the bamboo sleeveless sleep sack. Bamboo fiber is a natural, safe fabric, which is suitable for babies’ to wear. Buy one sleep sack. Your baby can get safety and comfort.

Babies can peek their arms out and get more freedom. The roomy bottom is good for babies to kick their legs. Parents do not need to worry that sleep sacks may restrict babies’ movements. On the other hand, toddlers can self-soothe easily.

Baby Bamboo Quilted Sleeveless Sleep Sack TOG 1.0

  • Match the long-sleeve rompers.

  This sleeveless sleep sack is perfect with long-sleeve rompers. Some parents worry that their babies may catch a cold by wearing a sleeveless sleep sack. Then they can wear their babies’ long-sleeve zipper romper.

Weighted Sleep Sack With Sleeves 2.5 TOG

  When the weather gets colder and colder, it is time to prepare a winter sleep sack for your baby. This weighted sleep sack is the best winter sleep sack for cold weather. The 2.5 TOG degree is suitable for warm-keeping. The roomy bottom design also can help babies to have more unrestricted movements. Besides, the bottom can be opened. Babies can peek their legs out. They can stand and walk more freely.  

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