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Article: Which one is better? A sleep bag or a sleep bag walker?

Which one is better? A sleep bag or a sleep bag walker?

Which one is better? A sleep bag or a sleep bag walker?

  Every baby needs a grateful sleep. A great sleep needs a suitable baby product. This necessary product is the sleeping bag. The use of baby sleeping bags is to help keep your baby sleep in a safe sleeping position. Sleeping on the back is a safe sleeping position. It can reduce the risk of babies who are easy to turn over and sleep on their stomachs. Sleeping on the stomach has the risk of suffocation. The American Academy of Pediatrics also recommends that parents should use baby sleep sacks to keep their babies warm and comfortable.

  Today’s article investigates and compares two different kinds of sleeping bags, regular sleep sacks and sleep sack walkers. Please kindly check the below information for more details.

1. What is the sleeping bag?

A regular sleep bag has all the basic features.

  • High-Quality Fabric

  Because babies have delicate and sensitive skins, baby clothes need to have a quality request for fabrics. The fabric needs to be 100% natural, safe, comfortable, and without chemicals. Kaiya Baby’s first choice is always organic cotton. Why did we choose organic cotton?

Please read the specific article for more information: Why is organic cotton better than regular cotton? 

Why is organic cotton better than regular cotton?

  • Easy To Take On And Off

  Some babies love sweating. Excessive sweat or urine at night is easy to grow prickly heat and increases the stimulation on babies’ skin. Parents need to check their babies irregularly to see if babies need a diaper or cloth change. This process is better not to cost much time. The design of the sleep sack should be easy to take on and off. This is a very user-friendly design. It helps to relieve both parents and babies.

  • Suitable TOG

TOG is a primary product performance of a sleeping bag. A great TOG needs to be not too heavy or not too light, which can make babies feel comfortable and easy. A versatile sleeping bag not only can give babies a comfortable feeling but also can stabilize their body temperature. Babies won’t get a cold in an air-conditioned room and have no risks of overheating.

  • Relaxed Sizes

  Babies usually don’t like to wear too tight clothes that make them feel uncomfortable. So the designers design these sleeping bags in relaxed sizes. All of them have left plenty of room for babies to kick. Because moderate exercise can help support babies’ physical development and is suitable for assisting them in thriving.

  • Competitive Prices

  The most significant to a customer is the ability to shop around quickly and get ideal products at affordable prices. Price is one of many crucial factors to consider when people are shopping. A reasonable, not too high price is vital for most customers. A popular product must be high quality and have a competitive price.

  • Typical Products Recommendations

  Below are three sleeping bags specially designed for newborns and babies from 0 months to 6 months. The main design feature and key selling point is safety, warmth, and comfort, and try to help babies grow up in an atmosphere of security and love. 

Organic Newborn Sleep Sacks With Mesh Cotton

  You can see that this newborn sleep sack is made of entirely organic cotton that is 100% safe for the baby to wear. On the other hand, organic cotton is also sustainable for the environment. Chemicals are one of the main ingredients in some fast-fashion clothing. The extensive use of chemicals during the implantation of original cotton has caused many cotton farmers to be ill. At the same time, it also can cause water pollution and soil degradation. Some of these substances are also harmful to consumers, especially to babies.

  This sleep sack also has an ergonomic design with an anti-Moro reflex. It is a common clinical condition commonly seen in infants. The newborn sleep sack can give your baby a sense of security. Then the baby can have a better, more restful sleep.

  We used a two-way zipper on every sleep sack. Why do we use two-way zippers? Because people can change clothes or diapers for their babies easier. It not only can help people to save time but also can help them save energy. Because raising a baby is an exhausting thing.

  Considering newborns are too small to keep themselves away from danger. So parents should buy totally safe sleep sacks for their babies. And these sleep sacks need to have some safe designs. Like the fit neckline design. Why is the fitness of the neckline necessary? Because an unfit neckline not only will cause your baby to feel uncomfortable but also will increase the risk of suffocation. It is hazardous to your baby.

  Next, I am going to talk about the tog. This newborn sleep sack is 0.5 tog and is lightweight and comfortable. Besides, our talented design has added a new design: the mesh cotton that can help let the heat out easier. Babies can feel cooler and breathable in summer.

Organic Newborn Sleep Sacks With Mesh Cotton

Bamboo Quilted Sleeveless Baby Sleep Sack TOG 1.0

  It is a newly launched product in our store. It contains eight different prints that can meet all other needs of mothers, including cactus, undersea, giraffe, coconut palm, shell, sunrise, rainbow, and greenery. About this sleep sack, we got the other natural fabric - bamboo fiber. Bamboo fiber is super breathable and buttery soft. It is also hypoallergenic and has the function of moisture absorbing.

  You can see that this sleep sack has a wider range of sizes. Babies and toddlers from 0 months to 3T all can wear it. The size rating help expand the service life of the sleep sack. Babies can wear the same sleep sack for a longer time. It also can help parents to save money.

  This is a sleeveless sleep sack. Why is it sleeveless? We have considered two aspects. Firstly, the sleeveless design can prevent your baby from being overheated. Secondly, peeking the arms out is convenient for babies to self-soothe.

  The tog of this bamboo sleep sack is 1.0 tog. It is a suitable tog of sleep sack for every baby to wear for four seasons.

Bamboo Quilted Sleeveless Baby Sleep Sack TOG 1.0

2. What is the sleepingbag walker?

  The sleeping bag walker is one kind of sleeping bag. As its name suggests, sleeping bag walkers have one more function and feature than regular sleeping bags. Babies can stand or walk with them. Sleeping bag walkers also have all the essential elements as traditional sleeping bags have. Parents always want to choose the best toddler sleep sack for their babies.

Typical Products Recommendations:

  Below three sleeping bag walkers have a split-leg design for babies to walk or stand easier.

Long Sleeve Split-Leg Sleep Sack

  This is a long-sleeve sleep sack that has a single layer. 0.5 tog rating is suitable for babies to wear in spring and summer. The three-dimensional crotch is designed for comfort. It leaves enough room for babies to feel comfortable even if they wear diapers. There are four snaps on the crotch and a two-way zipper on the front opening. Parents can change diapers for their babies at any time easier and more conveniently.

Long Sleeve Split-Leg Sleep Sack

Thicken Long Sleeves Split-leg Sleep Sack 2.5 TOG

  This thickened sleep sack is similar to the above one. But it has a higher tog rating. This sleep sack is 2.5 tog, thicker and warmer than the above one. This sleep sack is made of double-layer cotton with padding. Babies can feel snug, cozy, and warm in winter. Besides, its cuffs and footies can both be folded. Babies can hide their hands and feet in to avoid colds.

Thicken Long Sleeves Split-leg Transitional Swaddle Sack 2.5 TOG

3. Which one is better?

  The most significant difference between sleeping bags and sleeping bag walkers is that sleeping bag walkers are suitable for babies or toddlers to stand and walk. These two kinds of sleeping bags aim at various babies. Parents can choose a suitable one for babies to depend on their babies’ ages.

  The most crucial consideration is babies’ feelings and preferences. Some babies may love something covering their feet. Others may hate it. Some babies may hate kicking or exercising. Others may love it. In summary, the suit is the best.

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