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Article: What should baby wear to sleep?

What should baby wear to sleep?

What should baby wear to sleep?

  Many mothers struggle with how their babies sleep in the cold or hot summer months, which turns out that in addition to creating a suitable sleeping environment, there are also some things to consider when dressing your baby for sleep. If the baby dresses too much or too less during sleep, he feels not only uncomfortable but also is easy to be overheated or catches a cold. So what should the baby wear to sleep?

  Some pediatricians say that if a baby wears more clothes while sleeping, these clothes are tight and wrap around the baby's body, which not only affects the relaxation of the muscles throughout the body but also affects the baby's blood circulation and respiratory function, which will cause nightmares. The more clothes your baby wears, the easier he is likely to get a cold. Therefore, the correct way is to wear your baby’s suitable clothing during sleep.

  Some mothers are afraid that their babies will get cold during sleep, so they always will put on thick clothes for their babies to sleep. In fact, thick clothes are easy to let the baby be restrained and feel uncomfortable. So when your baby sleeps in winter, just give him a long-sleeved pajama and a winter sleep sack on the outside.

sleep naked or sleep with baby clothes?

  Is it better to wear clothes for your baby during sleep or let him sleep naked? After birth, babies will eat or sleep every day. Although babies sleep day and night, the dressing requirements during sleep are different.

advantages of sleeping naked:

  • improve your baby's sleep quality

  A study published in the American journal Brain found that sleeping naked can help cool down the core temperature of your baby’s body and make him easier to fall asleep.

  Babies always have a high metabolism. They are easily sweating during sleep. If you wear too many clothes to your baby, his body temperature can not come down, and the baby is likely to become restless and has difficulty falling asleep.

  Sleeping naked can improve this problem and help the baby reduce his body temperature. Then your baby can have a high quality of sleep.

  • promote baby's brain development

  A baby's skin is more delicate and sensitive than an adult’s. When your baby is sleeping naked, his skin can feel a variety of stimulating sensations, such as the stimulation of airflow, the touch of soft quilts, and so on.

  And these stimuli are beneficial for the baby, which can stimulate the baby's brain development.

  • babies can feel more security

  Every time a baby sleeps naked, he can get closer to his mother, which is helpful in establishing a close parent-child relationship. And babies can get more security. So the baby can get satisfaction and sleep more at ease.

Who do not suitable for sleeping naked?

  • newborns under one-year-old

  A one-year-old baby is not suitable for sleeping naked. Because his resistance is still poor, and do not have the ability to keep warm by himself. So it is not recommended that the baby sleeps naked under one year old.

  • premature infant

  Premature babies are weak, and easy to be sick. So they do not find it suitable to sleep naked.

disadvantages of sleeping naked

  Sleeping naked is easy to cause the baby to catch a cold, flu, or diarrhea. When sleeping naked without clothing, the baby’s skin will be more sensitive to ambient temperature and humidity changes. Parents need to maintain the indoor temperature and humidity within a comfortable range for their babies.

  A humid environment is easy to breed dust mites and germs. Your baby will feel hotter or colder when the relative humidity is too high. It is not recommended to let the baby sleep naked when the climate is humid.

  When the baby is sleeping naked, his skin will directly contact the air. And if the room temperature is too cold or your baby usually has the habit of kicking the blanket, he will easily catch a cold and get sick.

What should the baby wear to sleep?

seasonal changes need to be taken into consideration

  Parents should pay attention to the changes of seasons and wear their babies different clothes in different seasons. For example, on hot summer days, you should choose lightweight and breathable clothes for your baby. In winter, thick and warm clothes are more suitable for babies to wear.

suitable room temperature

  You can maintain the room temperature by adjusting the air conditioner. The room temperature also affects the baby's sleep. And it is recommended to keep the room temperature at about 20 degrees Celsius in winter. Do not turn on the heating too much, or the baby can not sleep restfully. In summer, you can give your baby a lightweight sleep sack with a sleeveless bodysuit. Wearing a light sleep sack can protect the baby's tummy to protect him from catching a cold. At the same time, do not let the wind of air conditioning or electric fans blow against the baby.

  If your baby is sweating, it is best to change his clothes in time. If you are afraid of waking up your baby, you can choose a sleep sack with mesh cotton for him. This sleep sack has mesh cotton on the back, which is good for your baby to let heat out.

  How do you distinguish if your baby wears more or less? After your baby has fallen asleep for a while, parents can touch the back of their baby’s neck to check.

choose safe clothes

  What fabric to use for baby clothes? The baby should sleep in clothes made of 100% safe, natural fabrics like organic cotton, bamboo fiber, etc. The fabrics also need to be breathable and slightly loose. Do not have too many decorations and threads on the clothes, which are easy to cause unnecessary injuries to your baby.

  Baby clothes and babies’ bedding should be changed and washed regularly to keep them clean.

How to know the baby is overheated?

- Damp hair

- Flushed cheeks

- Sweating on the back and front

- Faster breathing

- Have heat rash

What should the baby wear during sleep?

  Light organic cotton rompers and bodysuits are soft and comfortable and can absorb the baby’s sweat well.  

  It is best to let your baby sleep in a sleep sack. On the one hand, parents can get some time to have a rest. On the other hand, sleep sacks are safe for babies to sleep in. Babies are not easy to catch a cold. The sleep sacks should be loose, so babies will not feel constrained and can have a more restful sleep.

  • blankets or quilts

  People usually wrap newborn babies with swaddles, blankets, and quilts. Because newborns always lack security. Swaddling can offer newborns more safe feelings. You can learn how to swaddle a baby by the below blog:

How to swaddle a baby?

  If you feel it is difficult or inconvenient for you to swaddle a baby, you can choose a swaddling sleep sack directly. The swaddling sleep sack has a similar function to swaddles.

  Swaddling sleep sacks have a unique design, which can help your sweetheart sleep in a natural ARMS UP sleep position. The ARMS UP sleep position is a safe sleep position that can help babies feel more comfortable and prevent them from SIDS.

How to select baby clothes?

  Baby clothes should choose pure organic cotton or pure wool natural fiber woven fabrics. Because natural fiber fabrics can help the baby regulate his body temperature easily. Organic cotton clothes feel buttery-soft to the touch. Parents should pay more attention to checking if the underarm and crotch of your baby's clothes are soft. Because babies are mobile and like to move around. If the fabric is not soft enough, it will lead to damage to your baby's skin.  

  For newborn babies, clothes, including zipper romper and sleep sacks, should have the fit neckline. Babies don't like their faces being covered by clothes. And baby clothes need to be easy to use.  Parents can put on and take off the baby clothes and change diapers for their babies more conveniently.  

  The baby's clothes should be light-colored or solid. If the clothes get dirty, the mother will find out in time.

  When choosing clothes for your newborn baby, it is advisable to buy big sizes and avoid buying small sizes. Too tight clothes will make your baby feel uncomfortable.

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