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Article: Must Have Baby Clothes For The Winter

Must Have Baby Clothes For The Winter

Must Have Baby Clothes For The Winter

  Winter is a cold season for most people, the temperatures are dropping, and some places will get snow in winter. Colds occur more frequently in winter, especially in babies, because they have weaker immune systems than adults.

  Before winter comes, it's time for parents to learn baby care knowledge and prepare some baby winter clothes. 

1. what should parentspay attention to their babies in winter?

  Most fundamentally, an important aspect is to keep warm for babies.

1.1 turn on the heater or the air conditioner

  Sometimes, if people don’t turn on the heat in winter, the house will be freezing. It is a direct way that can bring warmth to people.

  When people have to use the conditioner in winter, set the temperature lower to save energy. And try to keep the house at an even temperature. The large temperature difference is easier to get cold. When the air conditioner is in the heating process, it will cause a problem of air damping and dry skin. It is better to open a humidifier or place a basin of water.

1.2 feed babies warm milk or food

  Eating is a basic way to provide babies’ bodies with heat and energy. The baby's food needs to be fresh and easy to digest. Parents should be patient and gentle while feeding their babies. And don’t forget to test food temperature before serving. Eating too hot food may hurt babies.

1.3 prepare some warm clothing

  Preparing some warm clothing for babies is necessary. Warm clothes can help to add insulation. Below will introduce some warm clothes from Kaiya baby for choosing.

2. mistakes of baby care you need to avoid

  New parents will meet many problems during baby care. Below are some mistakes that you need to avoid.

  • wear your baby as many clothes as possible

  In winter, the outside temperature is low. Parents are afraid that their babies will get a cold. So they always wear their babies’ thick clothes to keep warm. But wearing too thick clothes not only will affect your baby's activity and movement but also can make your baby sweat a lot. Sweating a lot can cause your baby to have a cold easier.

  • wear your baby a face mask and scarf

  Parents are worried that their babies may get attacked by a virus. So they often give babies masks and scarves to wear when they take them out. In fact, this is not good for the baby. Although masks and scarves can help shelter from the cold wind for babies. It also will make the baby feel uncomfortable and have potential risks. 

  • wear your thick baby clothes to keep warm during sleep

  Many parents are afraid that their babies will kick the covers or quilts. So parents always wear their babies thick clothes when they sleep. But the fact is that wearing too thick clothes during sleep does more harm than good. It will affect a baby’s blood circulation. The baby may sleep uncomfortably and can not get enough rest. If a baby can not have a good sleep. It can hinder his development, reduce the skin resistance and increase the chances of disease.

  • Tips: If the indoor temperature is not particularly low. It is generally not recommended to let your baby wear a sleep sack that is too heavy.

  Before falling asleep, mom and dad should put the baby in the crib for about 15 minutes. And then, you can check the body temperature of your baby. Try to touch the back of the baby's neck with your warm hands to check if the back of the baby's neck is warm. Also, parents can use the same way to check if their baby is overheating or cold in the middle of the night. 

  Suppose the back of the baby's neck is cold. It means that you should add clothes or change thicker clothes for your baby. Conversely, if the baby’s back of the neck is sweating, you should take off or change some lightweight clothes for him.

  When your baby wears a non-breathable sleep sack, he will feel uncomfortable if your baby is sweating because the clothes are too thick. Then parents must reduce the clothes for their baby in time. Your baby may easier to grow prickly heat or get a cold.

3. How to baby wear in winter?

  In the choice of fabric, Kaiya Baby usually chooses 100% organic cotton, bamboo fiber, etc. These fabrics are all good at warm-keeping. They are green, environmental, and healthy without any chemicals. Non-toxic, no stimulation to babies’ sensitive skin. Babies only can feel soft and comfortable after wearing them.

3.1 baby sleep sacks

  Winter is time to choose some thick sleep bags with a high TOG rating for getting warmer. TOG is short of the thermal overall grade. The higher the tog rating is, the more warmth your baby can get. For more details of TOG, please kindly check the below link:

What is a TOG rating?

  2.5 TOG and 3.5 TOG sleep sacks are more suitable to wear on cold weather days. These heated, thick sleep sacks can bring heat to babies. Two-way zipper design for convenience to take on and off. Parents can change diapers for babies easier, even in the middle of the night.

tog rating chart

1) Zip Thicken 2.5 TOG Sleep Sack With Sleeves

  This is one of the best-selling sleep sacks in our online store. It has many advantages. Firstly, it can meet parents’ needs to provide enough warmth to the baby. This is a basic sleep sack that has a simple, clean, classic design. People can get the structure and selling points of the sleep sack easily. Two reversible zippers, one is at the front of the sleep sack, and the other is at the bottom. Then parents can change clothes and diapers for babies easily and conveniently. Why can this sleep sack keep a baby warm? Because it is made of double-layer cotton with padding. Besides, it has fold-over mitt-cuffs which can hide babies hands. There is also enough room at the bottom of the sleep sack. Babies can hide their feet in it and kick their legs freely. It is good for the development of their hips. What’s more, we also added a seat-belt slot on the back of this sleep sack to make the baby can have an easy transfer between the stroller, car seat, etc.

Zip Thicken 2.5 TOG Sleep Sack With Sleeves

2) Thicken Long Sleeves Split-leg Sleep Sack 2.5 TOG

  This split-leg sleep sack is also made of double-layer cotton with padding. Its cuffs and bottom can both be folded. Babies can hide their hands and feet in it. It is not only good for infants but also good for toddlers. The split-leg design is convenient for toddlers to learn to walk and stand. The three-dimensional bottom of the crotch makes babies feel comfortable while they are wearing diapers.

kaiya baby Independent Sleep sacks

3) Sleeveless Thicken Heated Sleeping Bag 2.5 TOG

  The selling point of this sleep sack is the sleeveless design. The sleeveless design is good for letting the heat out and protecting your baby from overheating. On the other hand, it is also good for a baby to self-soothe.

Sleeveless Thicken Heated Sleeping Bag 2.5 TOG

4) Zip Thicken Winter Sleep Sack 3.5 TOG

  This 3.5 TOG sleep sack is similar to the above zip long-sleeve 2.5 TOG sleep sack. The main difference is that this one has a higher TOG rating which means it is thicker and warmer.

Zip Thicken Winter Sleep Sack 3.5 TOG

5) tips for buying winter sleep sacks

  The sleep sacks should be qualified that are made of 100% safe fabrics, like organic cotton and bamboo fiber.

organic cotton

  Every zipper should have a zipper protector to prevent the baby from scratching or incomfort.

  It is better to choose a two-way zipper for more convenient diaper changing.

  The cuffs and bottoms are better to be folded. Then babies can hide their hands and feet in the sleep sack.

  Select a suitable size for your baby. The sleep sack for your baby to wear can not be too loose or too tight.

  Do not buy a sleep sack with small accessories to avoid baby swallowing. It is dangerous.

3.2 baby apparel

Baby apparel is made for all babies' to wear in daily life. We have four categories now: rompers, bodysuits, toddler pajama sets, toddler tops. All of these baby apparel is made of 100% natural, healthy fabrics that are eco-friendly to babies' sensitive skin.

1) Organic Zipper Romper Baby Footie Pajamas

  Our new organic baby romper footie. It is a perfect choice for a toddler. There are no-slip grippers on the built-in footies against falls. Babies can learn to walk conveniently.

2) Sleeveless Snap One Piece Girl And Boy

  This bodysuit is made of bamboo fiber. It is a breathable fabric that can help a baby let heat out. The bodysuit is sleeveless and legs-free. Babies are free to move.

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