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Article: How to buy suitable baby clothes for your baby?

How to buy suitable baby clothes for your baby?

How to buy suitable baby clothes for your baby?

  Buying clothes is a normal thing for every woman. They like shopping and dressing themselves and their babies up. Mothers want to purchase cute baby boy clothes and adorable baby girl clothes. And according to the season, they need to buy baby winter clothes and baby summer clothes. Parents always strive to provide the best products for their babies. They would like to find the best baby clothes brands. Today I will give you some advice about how to buy suitable baby clothes for your babies.

1. main types of baby clothes in Kaiya Baby

  There are three main types of baby clothes in our store. I will introduce them one by one to let you know them better.

1.1 sleep sacks

  Baby sleep sacks have a bigger share of the baby clothes market. Babies can hardly sleep well without sleep sacks. In the old days, before the invention of sleep sacks, babies usually slept with quilts. Covering with a quilt is a safety risk. On the one hand, some quilts are thick and heavy and have the risk of suffocation. On the other hand, babies will kick the quilt off when they are overheated. It can cause colds. Sleeping with sleep sacks has solved these problems and has more advantages.

  • Decrease the risk of SIDS.

  SIDS is sudden infant death syndrome. It also seems familiar to most mothers as a big threat to a baby’s life. But the immediate cause of SIDS is still unknown. An infant may suddenly die in his dream without any specific reason. There are about 3,500 sudden infant deaths in the United States each year.

Most of them are one month to four months old, less than one year old. However, the cause is still unknown. It seems that the main factor that increases the of infants' SIDS is the environment in which the baby grows up.

  According to some professional studies, we know that infants who sleep on their stomachs are more likely to develop SIDS. For example, when your baby is sleeping on his stomach, his arms and legs are compressed and can not move conveniently. Parents can not see their babies’ faces clearly, and can not understand the baby's needs in time. In addition, your baby's can not turn and roll over on their own in this sleeping position. Last but not least, sleeping on the stomach is likely to let the baby have the risk of suffocation, which will threaten your baby’s life. Sleep sacks can help babies to sleep on their backs, which is an ideal and safe sleeping position for newborns.

  Kaiya Baby has newborn sleep sacks that are suitable for newborn babies.

  I highly recommend Organic Newborn Sleep Sacks With Mesh Cotton. This sleep sack not only can help decrease the risk of SIDS but also can help let the heat out to make your baby feel cool. Because this kind of sleep sack has a new mesh cotton design. Considering that babies are easy to sweat on their backs. Our designer designed this sleep sack to make babies feel cooler.

  • Newborns get enough security.

  A sense of security is a basic need for babies in early babyhood. Babies who feel secure are emotionally stable, have a calm personality, and will not panic when they meet challenges. On the contrary, babies who lack a sense of security will gradually lose confidence in exploring the outside world, and they also may tend to be independent.

  The easiest way to make the baby feel safe is to give him a suitable sleep sack. An ideal sleep sack can help newborns feel like they are still in their mothers’ wombs. The baby can get enough safety from wearing a sleep sack.

  • All babies have comforts and coziness.

  There is a sleep sack that can meet all the needs of all aged babies, from newborns to three years old. The Baby Bamboo Quilted Sleeveless Sleep Sack TOG 1.0 is a versatile sleep sack that has many benefits. Firstly, it has a sleeveless, one-piece design. Toddlers can feel free to self-soothe. In addition, the bottom of the sleep sack is loose. Your baby can kick legs and exercise more freely. Secondly, it can match with Baby Bamboo Velcro Swaddle Wrap Band. It is used to fix babies' arms. This wrap band is comfortable and breathable. This is a perfect item that can help parents to calm and soothe fussy newborns.

bamboo sleep sack

  • Sleep sacks are easy to take on and off.

  All sleep sacks in Kaiya Baby use two-way zippers. Firstly, these kinds of zippers can be an ornament to elevate the style of a sleep sack. Secondly, two-way zippers are more durable and easy to use. Thirdly, two-way zippers help parents to take their babies’ sleep sacks on and off more conveniently.

  • Parents can change diapers for their babies conveniently.

  Babies’ diapers need to be changed in time when they are dirty or wet. Or the diaper will cause discomfort for your baby and even make your baby have a diaper rash.

  • Sleep sacks have an excellent soothing, comforting effect.

  Whether a sleep sack can provide your baby with a comfortable sleeping experience is particularly important. The comfort of sleep sacks is closely related to the fabric, material, and cut design.

  • Babies can have a better, more restful sleep. Sleep sacks can improve their sleep quality.  

  Babies take most of their time to sleep in one day. They need suitable sleep sacks for your little ones to have a high-quality sleep. Good sleep helps babies to grow and develop better.

1.2 rompers

  Compared to sleep sacks, rompers are basic essentials. Babies can wear them at any time, anywhere. Including at home, going outside, sleepwear, playwear, etc. Rompers are always suitable for all occasions. Rompers can match sleep sacks and also can be single-worn.

  All rompers in Kaiya Baby are made of 100% safe, sustainable fabric, like organic cotton and bamboo fiber.

organic cotton

1.3 accessories

  We also provide babies with other necessary accessories: headbands, mittens, hats, bibs, blankets, etc.

  • Headbands and hats: Firstly, cute baby headbands and hats can elevate babies’daily styles. Secondly, they also can prevent babies’ heads from getting colds.
  • Mittens: Babies’nails grow continuously. If parents don’t help trim them in time. They will become excessively long. When fingernails are too long, they will become a place where dirt and bacteria like to live in. Babies like sucking fingers to soothe themselves or shaking their arms. They may scratch their own face when shaking arms. Wearing a mitten can protect their hands and avoid being scratched.
  • Bibs: Bibs are suitable for absorbing drools and can help protect babies from drool rash.
  • Blanket: Blankets have a wide range of use. This big-size blanket can be a bedsheet, a bath towel, a cover cloth, etc.

2. What kinds of baby clothes are suitable for wearing?

  • safe, natural, organic

  These baby clothes are worn by babies. They must be 100% safe. That is why we decided to choose organic cotton. It is a premium fabric that is 100% natural and organic without any chemicals. Parents don’t need to be worried that their babies may have skin irritation. Besides organic cotton, we also have bamboo fiber. It is a super-breathable fabric that is suitable for hot summer days. At the same time, bamboo fiber has a powerful moisture absorption function. Babies are easy to sweat in summer. If the clothes are not absorbent, or parents forget to change the wet clothes for their babies in time. Babies may catch colds or grow heat rashes.

  • comfortable, warm

  People need to wear comfortable clothes, especially babies. If they feel uncomfortable, they will cry easily. It is especially hard for parents to pacify a crying baby. The clothes also need to be warm and snug. Babies can feel like they are held in mothers’ arms. If the room temperature is too low, babies are easy to feel uncomfortable and catch a cold. Babies have a weak immune system. They are easier to get sick to affect their growth and development.

3. How to wash and care for baby clothes?

  After buying a sleep sack, learning how to wash and care is also important. It can help to make the baby clothes be worn for a longer time. Below are some basic tips for new mothers.

  • Separate the baby clothes by color. Do not wash dark-colored and light-colored baby clothes together.
  • Do not wash the baby’s clothes with some hard, rough things that may destroy the clothes.
  • Choose a gentle, green detergent to wash.
  • Wash the baby clothes slowly, gently.
  • Drying the baby clothes in the wind naturally uses zero energy.
  • Do not expose your baby’s clothes to the sun, which may destroy the clothes easily.
  • Do not bleach the baby clothes. Bleachers always contain unhealthy chemicals that may harm your baby’s sensitive skin.

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