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Article: Keep The Baby Cool - How To Dress A Newborn In Summer

Keep The Baby Cool - How To Dress A Newborn In Summer

Keep The Baby Cool - How To Dress A Newborn In Summer

  Babies are not only easy to catch a cold in winter but also easy in summer. Different seasons have different wearing of clothes. Today’s article will talk about what parents do on a hot day and how to dress a newborn in summer.

  In a few months, summer will be here. And parents can help their babies to change their closets for the season. The rising ambient temperature can easily lead to a rise in the baby’s body temperature. Because the newborn's thermoregulatory function is not yet developed. So some babies are easy to get a fever in summer.

  Therefore, fever is not just necessarily caused by disease. The changes in environmental temperature, the number of clothes or crying, drinking, bathing, and other behaviors of the baby will affect the newborn's body temperature.

  Generally, if the rise in a baby’s body temperature is caused by the environment, clothing, or excessive exercise, the effect can be improved by changing the environment, increasing or decreasing clothing, or other methods of cooling.

1. How to know if your baby is overheated?

    1.1 quickened heartbeat and breathing

      When babies are too hot, their adrenaline will start pumping, their hearts will speed up, blood pressure will increase, and breathing will quicken. It is a reminder for parents to change clothes for their babies.

    1.2 a flushed face

        When the body is at a top range temperature, babies’ faces will flush. This is another sign of overheating. Parents need to avoid babies’ bodies overheating and reduce the risk of excessive sweat.

      1.3 skin temperature increase

          The midday sun is the most intense. At that time, skin temperature reaches its highest level, and pores are more open, babies are more likely to sweat. On the one hand, sweating can cool the skin in hot weather. On the other hand, sweating also will make babies lose too much moisture. Wet clothes can cause babies to catch a cold easily.

          When parents find their babies, skin temperature increase, they need to consider peeling off the extra clothes or changing to some cooler, more breathable clothes for their babies.

        1.4 have a skin rash

            If wearing too many clothes, the baby's skin will not be able to dissipate the heat, and the skin rashes will easily develop. The diaper rash is most likely to occur on babies’ buttocks, which are wrapped by diapers. In summer, when the temperature is higher, and if you choose a diaper that material is thicker and less breathable, or if you don't change it regularly, the baby will easily have a diaper rash.

            Besides, if you wear your baby too many clothes, his skin will also appear heat rash or even eczema. Don’t worry, because the newborn doesn’t have mature mobility yet. There is no scratching and wound infection problems. But parents still need to pay attention to cleaning.

          2. How to choose the suitable fabrics of baby clothing for your babies?

            Newborn babies should wear clothes that are comfortable and sweat-absorbing. The material of clothes should be 100% natural and healthy. Especially the baby wears the innermost layer of intimate clothing. These clothes must be breathable, soft and comfortable, and sweat-absorbing.

            Do not choose chemical fiber fabric. Although this fabric is easy to wash and dry, the color is also brighter and more lovely. It is not breathable and easy to cause your baby's skin irritation.

            Kaiya Baby always chose high-qualified fabrics to make baby clothes.

            Traditional cotton farming needs to use a large number of pesticides. And the processing procedure also relies on many bleaches, dyes, finishing stabilizers, and other chemicals, resulting in the discharge of large amounts of wastewater.

            By comparison, 100% organic cotton is more organic and more sustainable.

              Bamboo fiber is a fiber that is extracted from natural bamboo.

              Bamboo fiber has good breathability, high water absorption, strong abrasion resistance, and good dyeing properties. It also has natural antibacterial, anti-odor, and anti-UV function. Experts pointed out that bamboo fiber is a natural and environmentally friendly green fiber. Babies can have peace of mind during usage.

            3. How to dress anewborn in summer?

              3.1 choose loose clothing

                Newborns need to move their arms and legs and put their hands in their mouths to suck. Around 3 months, babies start to practice rolling over. Then at 6 months, babies can learn to sit alone and independent feeding. At 8 months, babies can try to roll over. All these movements are required babies to wear appropriate loose clothing. The clothes should not be too tight. It the baby clothes are too tight, it will restrain your baby’s activities. Loose clothing can help the baby move more freely.

              3.2 choose baby clothes that have a convenient design

                  The baby clothes should be easy to take on and off. Babies’ clothes need to be changed regularly. So the baby’s clothing needs to be easy and convenient to change, which can help save time and energy for parents.

                3.3 dressing tips

                    Newborns have a faster metabolism, so their basic body temperature is always higher than adults. Generally, in the bedroom, it is recommended to let the newborn wear inner clothing that is made of bamboo fiber and an organic cotton outer clothing. When the baby is sleeping, wear him a lightweight sleep sack.

                    At normal room temperature, a short-sleeved or sleeveless bodysuit is a good choice. It is recommended to choose a romper or bodysuit with a fit, round collar that will be more comfortable and breezy.

                  • Notes:

                    Do not let the baby sleep naked. Because the stomach and intestines of a baby are sensitive to changeable temperature. If the stimulation is lower than your baby’s body temperature, it will cause stomach pain and diarrhea.

                  3.4 dressing method

                      The newborn's clothes must be loose and opened in the front to make them much easier to put on. Firstly, put the clothes flat on the bed. Then let the newborn baby lie flat on the clothes. Parents can lift one of his arms gently and put it into the sleeve. Next, wear the baby on another sleeve. After finishing the arms, put your baby’s legs into the clothes in the same way. Finally, close the baby clothes.

                    4. Kaiya baby clothes recommendations

                        Kaiya Baby always has babies’ health in mind and chooses pure, natural, free of pollution, and safe fabric. 100% bamboo fiber is one option that is soft, comfortable, and without any harmful chemicals. The two-way zipper design is easier for diaper changing. The sleeveless design is not only for the baby to flail more freely but also to help him be cooler on hot summer days. The grow-with-me adjustable hemline makes this sleep sack have a bigger range of sizes. All aged babies from newborn to three years old can wear it. The longer usable life of the sleep sack matches sustainable development. TOG 1.0 is also a suitable TOG rating for summer that can help babies to sleep deeper and better .

                      • Organic Newborn Sleep Sacks With Mesh Cotton

                        The biggest selling point of this newborn swaddling sleep sack is the ergonomic one-piece design. It has an anti-startle reaction for little babies from newborn to 6 months. The relaxed design at the bottom of the sleep sack helps babies have more space to move freely. Every baby likes an unfettered feeling.

                        There is a new function of this swaddling sleep sack. Our designer added the mesh cotton on the back of the sleep sack to help babies to let the heat out, preventing them from getting rashes.

                        This bamboo fiber bodysuit has better absorbability and breathability. Babies can feel cooler and more comfortable by wearing them on summer days. The sleeveless, leg-free design not only can help babies move more freely but also can offer them a cooler feeling.  

                        As for the colors of this romper, Kaiya Baby chooses two subtle colors: lilac and gray morn. These two colors are both unisex. Baby girls or boys can wear them perfectly.

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                        These sleep sacks have a short-sleeved design to make your baby feel refreshingly cool. It is made of single-layered, 100% organic cotton that is lightweight and sustainable. At the bottom of the sleep sack, there is plenty of wiggle room for babies to kick their legs freely.

                      sleep sack with mesh cotton

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