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Article: Should the baby have a sleep sack?


Should the baby have a sleep sack?

  The baby sleep sack is a popular and necessary baby item. Most mothers all over the world are using them. Why a baby needs a sleep sack? How to wear a sleep sack? With doubt, with a thought, let us learn more for answers.

  There are many different types of sleep sacks on the market, including the sleep sack with legs, the sleep sack with sleeves, a long sleeve sleep sack, a sleeveless sleep sack, etc.

1. Why the baby needs a sleep sack?

    • baby needs a safe feeling

      Babies, especially newborns, have not been in the new world for a long time. The mother’s womb is a safe place for them. They love to be snuggled and swaddled. A suitable sleep sack can give them a safe of security and help them feel warm and cozy. And sometimes, babies may have a startle reflex during sleep that will wake them, make them scared, and cry. A baby sleep sack with an anti-startle reaction is helpful to solve this problem. Mothers can consider buying one.

    • help baby sleep safe and better

      In the days before baby sleep sacks, parents usually cover the baby with a quilt or a blanket. Babies are easy to kick the quilt when they sleep. And then they catch a cold the next day. Besides, there is a further concern, and the baby may suffocate if the quilt or blanket is over his face.

      Sleeping in sleep sacks can help keep out of the above dangers. Babies can sleep safer and better.

    • an excellent warm keeping

    The sleep sack is kind of womb-like and cozy for the baby. They can have a more peaceful, restful sleep in it. Sleep sacks have different TOGs. The higher TOG is, the warmer the sleep sack can be. Mothers always will choose a 2.5 TOG or 3.5 TOG sleep sack for babies in winter. And these sleep sacks also have fold-over cuffs and footies. Babies can hide their hands and feet in it to get more warmth.


    • decrease the risk of SIDs

      SIDs is sudden infant death syndrome. The risk of swaddling, as I mentioned above, if you use the quilt to cover your baby at night, his mouth and nose may be covered. And your baby is with no ability to push himself away from the danger at this age.  

      Therefore, choosing a suitable sleep sack will greatly reduce the chances of danger to the baby and allows parents to sleep peacefully.

      It is worth mentioning that the baby mattress must be slightly hard. And you should keep the crib clean, empty, and without any objects, including pillows and soft toys. It can prevent the baby from the danger of suffocation.

      At the same time, the baby can not turn over by himself. Don’t let your baby sleep on his stomach or side alone.

    • anti-Moro reflex

      What is the Moro reflex?

      The Moro Reflex is a type of infant reflex, which is also known as the startle reflex. When a sudden stimulus occurs, the infant will be scared. His arms will be extended, and his fingers will be spread. Don’t worry, and this reflex will disappear within three to five months.

      After birth, babies come into a new environment. They will feel insecure. And they are easy to wake up. A swaddling sleep sack can help him maintain better sleep quality and make it easier to develop regular sleep.

    The key point of a suitable swaddling sleep sack is to select the right size. It is better to be tight on the top and loose on the bottom.

    2. How to wear a sleep sack?

    Wearing a sleep sack is not very complicated. Usually only need three steps. You can check the details below:

    • Unzipped the sleep sack and place your baby's back in it.
    • Tuck legs inside the sleep sack’s legs. At the same time,tuck arms inside sleeves gently, slowly.
    • Finally, you just need to close the zipper.

    3. When to stop using sleep sacks?

        When to stop using sleep sacks? It depends on babies. Newborns, or when the babies are little, need to find a similar feeling like staying in the womb. Being swaddled can give newborns a sense of security. Newborns usually sleep in the arms-in or arm-up position. These positions can help them feel safe and have a peaceful, restful sleep.

        As time goes by, newborns grow. They don’t like to be swaddled anymore. And they also start to learn to roll and crawl. At this time, parents need to change to other types of sleep sacks for their babies to wear. These sleep sacks need to be relaxed and loose. So babies can kick their legs in it freely without restriction. The older a baby is, the more freedom he wants.

        Most families will stop using sleep sacks when the baby is one or two years old. But there are some babies who will continue to use sleep sacks through their toddlerhood. As long as the size is suitable, toddlers can keep wearing it.

      4. Types of sleep sacks

        According to different stages, Kaiya Baby divided baby sleep sacks into the below three types.

      • Stage 1: Swaddling

        At this stage, we suggest newborns have swaddling sleep sacks that have a unique design to help them sleep in a natural ARMS UP position. The ARMS UP position is a safe, comfortable sleep position that can prevent babies from SIDs. Besides, the swaddling sleep sack is also ergonomic with an anti-startle reaction.

        Newborns need much more sense of security. Usually, parents will swaddle their babies with blankets. For more tips on swaddling, please kindly check How to swaddle a baby?

        Or you can buy a swaddling sleep sack directly, which is more convenient and safer to use.

      • Stage 2: Transitional

          As time goes by, your baby grows and starts to try to roll. At stage two, parents can stop swaddling. Babies need a new sleep sack that can offer them a free feeling. All transitional sleep sacks in Kaiya Baby are functional and easy to use. It can help parents to solve the sleep problems of their babies effectively. These transitional baby sleep sacks are all perfect with baby rompers and baby bodysuits.

      • Stage 3: Independent Sleep

        Once babies start to learn to stand, walk and sleep independently. They will be mobile. They need sleep sacks that are easy to wear. Then babies can wear sleep sacks more comfortably and crawl or walk more freely. No baby likes to be tied up. All split-leg sleep sacks in this stage can meet all babies’ needs.

      5. Tips for selecting suitable sleep sacks

      • Materials need to be safe and comfortable

          The baby's skin is delicate and prone to allergies. Natural, eco-friendly sleep sacks are soft and skin-friendly, and their warmth and sweat absorption also are excellent. These kinds of sleep sacks can ensure your baby sleep more peacefully. All Kaiya Baby sleep sacks are Our sleep sacks are compliant with GOTS and Oeko-Tex® for babies to wear.

        • humanization design

          The design of sleep sacks should consider comfort and convenience, such as removable sleeves that can be taken off at any time when the baby is hot, two-way zippers for changing the diaper more conveniently, and a zipper protector that can protect your baby from scratch.

        • choose sleep sacks seasonally

          In summer, a sleeveless sleep sack that is made of bamboo fiber is a good choice. In winter, a thick, warm sleep sack is better to be worn.

        6. Sleep sacks in Kaiya Baby

          As a reliable, experienced baby brand, sleep sacks are one of our star collections, and it is loved by many mothers.

          In order to appreciate all-year-around loving support from all customers. Kaiya Baby has launched an exclusive online collection. Everyone can enjoy buying an ideal sleep sack in our store.

        sleep sacks

        6.1 Bamboo Quilted Sleeveless Baby Sleep Sack TOG 1.0

          This sleep sack is always a good choice for babies at any time.

        • Sleeveless design

        The sleeveless design has two functions. On the one hand, it is easy to help let heat out and protect your baby from overheating. On the other hand, it can help the baby to self-soothe.

        • Made of bamboo fiber

        Bamboo fiber is a 100% natural, safe fabric that can help babies feel cooler on hot summer days. For more information on bamboo fiber, please kindly check why bamboo?

        • TOG 1.0

        TOG 1.0 is an ideal TOG rating that is good for babies to feel lightweight and comfortable.

        • Collocation

          This sleeveless sleep sack is a perfect match with Baby Bamboo Velcro Swaddle Wrap Band. After swaddling, your little one can get much more sense of security and have a more restful sleep.

        Bamboo Quilted Sleeveless Baby Sleep Sack TOG 1.0

        6.2 Front Opening Long Sleeve Sleep Sack

          Next, we will check one of the best-selling sleep sacks in our store. The front-opening sleep sack has a classic and simple design which is easy to wear. The long sleeves of sleep sacks in Whisper Green, Cameo Pink, and Shell are removable. Parents can remove them easily to prevent babies from overheating. The sleep sacks in graffiti, pine, and khaki are made of organic cotton that is organic, sustainable, and safe.

        Front Opening Long Sleeve Sleep Sack

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